It is unquestionably true that the English language has phrases that, by means of their historical use, consider on adverse cultural connotations outside of their initial definition. The word “uppity” is this kind of a word.

We are now in a time when persons who use these kinds of historic “code” words and phrases are being held to account. On the total, this variety of near examination of language can be advantageous to modern society, especially in building people mindful of historic takes advantage of of these “code” text. 

The weak spot of these examination, however, is that we finish up with an posting that focuses on Mr. Schirling’s use of the term and largely ignores the broader vital dialogue that was taking location with regards to law enforcement ways. On top of that, if we are going to hold people accountable for precision of language, then Rep. Selene Colburn’s tweet that Commissioner Schirling described Rep. Vyhovsky as “uppity” is inaccurate. Assuming VTDigger’s quotation and characterization of the quote is precise, then Mr. Schirling explained the exchange as becoming “uppity,” not Agent Vyhovsky.   

Parsing of language can have worth, but can also turn into the proverbial “double-edged sword, necessitating that all involved be pretty mindful as to the text becoming applied as properly as the accuracy of any criticism or characterization of these kinds of phrases.  

Henry  Hayes


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