Astrocartography is a department of astrology that reveals the actual positioning of the planets at the minute you were born. The premise is that the earth holds a resonant memory of this celestial alignment being aware of your map can enable you realize why you sense happier in some places than other folks. Any person can deliver a totally free astrocartography map on the internet, but you’ll will need a professional like astrocartographer Maya White to truly decode it.

“I initial bought into astrocartography since I required enable understanding my individual lifetime,” claims White, who bought her initially astro map in 1976 following recognizing an advert in a horoscope magazine. She turned a licensed practitioner in the late ’80s now she delivers private readings, on the internet discovering packages, and astrology retreats.

“If you have an accurate time and position of birth, it is just astounding what data will come out,” she claims, noting that it assisted her realize where by she should stay (currently Florida) and also where to travel (she went to India, for case in point, mainly because her Sunshine and Uranus strains crossed there).

Local weather tastes, perform, social atmosphere, and loved ones usually component into her readings. “There is no price in me telling somebody to shift to South Dakota if there is no way they’d do that,” she claims. She also pinpoints so-identified as “trainwreck zones,” parts of the globe where particular planetary lines may make for a significantly less-than-stellar experience. Nevertheless nothing at all beats a individualized reading through, your star signal by itself can offer you insight into the types of visits you get pleasure from most. We requested White to share spot ideas for in which to go following centered on the 12 zodiac signs—because it is hardly ever too shortly to start out preparing.