Becoming a Bishop can prove daunting as it requires years of studies, knowledge, and countless sacrifices. Only a person that devotes their life to religion should be chosen and become a Bishop. Edik Badoni is no exception, and he holds the title of becoming the first Armenian/Iranian American Bishop. He worked hard to accomplish the titles he has today. 

Edik spent most of his childhood in Iran, where local bishops were next to none. At the early age of 15, he started to research churches and priesthood. This obsession with his faith led him to the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Tehran. He knew he had to fight against all odds to become an established religious leader and spread his beloved religion. 

At Tehran, Edik became a member of the Salesian Order. His hard work and determination led him to multiple countries, such as Syria and Turkey as a member of the Salesian Order. His art of mastering 6 languages (Armenian, Farsi, English, Italian, Spanish, and French) helped him significantly in preaching and celebrating sacraments worldwide. 

His adventures of questing for knowledge led him to Italy, where he studied at the pontifical universities of Rome. Edik also completed his master’s degree and a doctorate in Theology from the Latin University of Theology. These degrees helped accelerate his life and led him to the United States of America.

After reaching the States, Edik accelerated his professional career by working as an online trading broker and a bank employee, where he learned to cope with the cooperate world. Edik worked hard in the banking industry, and his determination and hard work led him to several different positions in the Banking sector. Currently, he holds the title of assistant vice president of the Bank of America. 

This professional journey kept Edik more inclined toward his religious goals. He became a priest in Los Angeles and later a Bishop through his passion and will. His determination speaks for itself through his work as he translated and published a book from Italian to Farsi: Augustine, One Man, One History. In November 2022, bishop Baroni wrote and printed a well-done book in the Italian language on Amazon, by the title of IL GENOCIDIO DEGLI ARMENI E DEGLI ASSIRI, which means the Genocide of the Armenians and Assyrians.

The work done by Bishop Edik Baroni is appreciated worldwide by tremendous religious leaders such as Ignatius Aphrem II, Addai II Giwargis, Sahak II Mashalian, Yacob III Daniel New Patriarch of the Ancient Church of the East. Edik, as a US- citizen, is living in Los Angeles as the Bishop and assistant vice president of the Bank of America.

The story of Edik is nothing short of inspirational, as his determination made him the first Armenian/Iranian American to become a Bishop. He balanced two worlds perfectly as he conquered his professional and religious goals. 

The journey of Edik is seen as a lesson to every youngster that every goal in life is achievable through hard work and determination. Even if your dreams seem impossible initially, nothing is unattainable after setting your focus straight. The experiences of Edik have taught us never to settle on what we have achieved.

By Rehan

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