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Your teeth are essential for maintaining gum health and fostering the growth of bone in your jaws. When a tooth is lost, the missing tooth roots may eventually cause bone loss.

Additionally, the gap left by the lost tooth may cause your mouth to change form and urge nearby teeth to shift from their ideal positions. These unintentional motions might affect your normal bite, create uneven wear on the tooth surfaces, cause headaches and muscular pain, and even worsen existing issues.

Additionally, tooth loss leaves the gums exposed, making them more susceptible to gum disease, thus we would always advise getting treatment at the dental clinic in South Kolkata.

Let’s examine the several forms of unrecognized health hazards linked to tooth loss:

Shifting Teeth

The teeth that are around the lost tooth or teeth gradually begin to erupt into empty gaps. Orthodontic operations are frequently required to correct such modifications, which can be more time-and money-consuming than dental procedures for replacing teeth.

Gum Disorder

Gum disorders are more likely a result of the empty gaps left behind by missing teeth. These regions are prone to the accumulation of food particles, which quickly turns them into a haven for dangerous bacteria that can cause plaque and tartar to form. Long-term untreated gum disease may develop as a result of this. Seek a dental restoration professional to address such issues.

Improper Oral Function

If you have several missing teeth, it may be quite difficult for you to chew food and talk clearly. This might lead to other health issues if it is not treated right away. For instance, improper chewing will prevent food from entering your system as it normally would.

As a result, the digestive system may suffer. If you are unable to consume raw fruits and vegetables, your body may lack vital nutrients, which may affect your general health.

Missing tooth means the inability to enjoy some of your favourite foods. Additionally, it could make it difficult for you to pronounce some words.

As previously indicated unnatural tooth movement can also lead to further biting issues and, in some circumstances, acute discomfort in the Temporomandibular Joint, generally known as the TMJ.

Jaw Bone Loss

Loss of jaw bone always occurs after tooth loss but it can be avoided by getting a Digital Smile Designing treatment. The facial shape is impacted by the progressive degradation of jaw bones because it plays a crucial role in establishing how the face “drapes” over this bone.

This leads to what is known as a sagging face, which provides the appearance of ageing. Particularly in public situations, this could result in impacted confidence and self-esteem.

Jawbone Tissue Loss

The loss of jawbone tissue will ultimately occur if a lost tooth is not replaced. The root of a tooth continually stimulates the jaw while a person talks or eats. This motion informs the jawbone that it must continue to be sturdy to support the person’s teeth.

The root no longer stimulates that portion of the jawbone once a tooth is gone. As a result of no longer being utilized, the bone tissue begins to break down. It can result in significant alterations to a person’s appearance and give them a sunken-in face.

So what choices are there to replace lost teeth? One of the most popular solutions for replacing lost teeth is dental implants. The following is why:

  • Since a teeth implant is comprised of titanium, a substance that has the unusual ability to bond with living bone, they aid in preventing bone loss. As a result, it eventually becomes a permanent component of the jaw bone. In order to preserve bone density and volume, the implants stabilize and stimulate the bone.
  • They function and feel much as genuine teeth do.
  • Compared to other dental treatments for replacing missing teeth, dental implant surgery has a significantly greater success rate.
  • Dental implants may last a lifetime, depending on the patient’s oral hygiene, bone health, the skill of the oral surgeon performing the procedure, and other factors.

But if you don’t want to get implants, you can search for “cosmetic dentistry near me” to get a suitable treatment for you.

Replace Your Missing Teeth Today

Anyone who has the opportunity to get a missing tooth replaced should not have to suffer the consequences of having one. A few techniques, including dentures, bridges, and implants, can be used to restore lost teeth. Visit a dental clinic to get any of these treatments today.

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