LuluCartoons was initially set up to help people find the perfect personalised gift for their loved ones. You just send in a picture, a few notes on the recipient’s personality, and in a few days time you get a cool custom drawing from their team of talented artists.

As the idea took off LuluCartoons added new ranges and art styles, including the Inspiring Kids collection which helps children visualise their dreams by quite literally putting them in the picture!

We were asked recently if we’d like to review this service and, always on the lookout for ways to bolster Marianna’s confidence, I jumped at the chance. The website offers a few ideas to get you started – e.g. scientist, rockstar, baseball player – or you can pick a custom option for whatever goal your child is currently striving for. No matter which route you pick, LuluCartoons will customise the design with details you provide such as your child’s name, their favourite outfit, or something that is important to them.

At the moment Marianna has decided she wants to be an actor. I’m just so happy to see her aiming for things instead of starting with ‘I could never do that because of x, y, z.’ So, I sent in a picture of Marianna (see above), her age (7), and a few notes on her favourite things – namely that her favourite colour to wear is black and that she see herself as a mini goth in the making!

This was the result:

LuluCartoons Inspiring Kids

I was so pleased and couldn’t wait to show Marianna. I brought it up on screen and asked her if she knew what it was, and got to watch her expression light up as she realised it was a picture of her. It meant such a lot to see, and then to hear her talking about how green screens work, and how she has seen some of her favourite Youtubers use them.

Even if next week she’s moved on to dentistry or marine biology or cake artistry it doesn’t matter. It’s a tangible reminder of this passion, this dream, and the feeling that it’s something she could achieve if she put her mind to it. That’s pretty priceless!

You can get your own Inspiring Kids portrait done right now for $29.99.

*We were sent the picture to review, but all thoughts and opinions are our own.*

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