Is it necessary for you to have a college degree in order to become the world’s next great fashion designer? While true style can’t be taught, most people will agree that it is very difficult to find a job, any job in the fashion industry without some sort of degree, even if it is a two or four year one. As a matter of fact, going to fashion school and getting an education makes you more of an appealing job candidate. It is extremely competitive job market and an education can make the difference between you and another equally qualified candidate.

No matter how talented you are or think you are, fashion design school holds a ton of experience that you’ll be hard pressed to find somewhere else. You can make some contacts within the industry contacts, polish up on your techniques and even learn new and exciting fashion design software. School can teach you how to critically look at your own work, thus improving your design skills.

If you’re thinking about going to fashion school, there are quite a few choices to consider. Here are just a few of the beginning steps you’ll need to take in order to get yourself enrolled in the best fashion schools.

  • If you have any dreams of joining the world of fashion, you better learn how to sew. There is no other skill that is as important as sewing is to fashion design. It’s also a skill that more and more students just don’t have. Knowing how would and can give you a one up on the competition. Learning how to sew can put a potential fashion designer a step ahead of the others trying to get into fashion school.
  • Now is the time to master your drawing abilities. Now it’s true that a great portion of this artistic skill comes naturally for most people, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least take the time to practice drawing. You need to know how to effectively put your ideas on paper in such a clear manner that others can see them.
  • Think of fashion just like you would as any other college. You’ll want to have good grades all throughout high school and a good SAT score. These schools are looking for the best of the best and want hardworking, dedicated and studious people. Good grades are a great indication that you would be that type of student.
  • It wouldn’t hurt you to surround yourself with fashion by working part-time in a trendy clothing store or a fashion boutique. Not only does this show you are willing work your way from the bottom up but also that you have a basic understanding of how the fashion business is run.
  • It is important to get some firsthand experience of any kind. This means you will have to offer your services for free such as through an internship. Working for free sucks but think of all invaluable experience you will be gaining. It is never too early to start building a portfolio.
  • It is always good to have excellent references in your back pocket. Try to find any local fashion designers, even if their names are recognizable not, and study under them, ask them if they mind being followed or looking for help. You want to display all of your potential to them in order for them to be willing to give you a reference.

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