If you found last fall’s trends a little hard to pull off, this year you should be thanking the designers who head the runways and inspire your favorite stores. The upcoming season is all about being classy, lady like, and a bit glamorous. Think vintage Hollywood. Every woman should feel like a lady in 2007.

If your part of that trendy savvy group and you can’t bear to part with your 80’s inspired clothes from the last season, don’t fret. You can still wear plenty of those hot legging numbers you love so much, but be sure to look for some of this year’s enchanting accessories to spice them up a bit. Here are a few of the trends that are going to be hot this season.

  • Fur: Fur is a big thing during the upcoming colder month. Don’t think tacky and trashy, but classy and luxurious. This fall’s fur collection is all about making you feel very much like a celebrity on a vintage red carpet.
  • Metallic: Another hot trend this fall is to sparkle. From shoes and belts to shirts and pants, it’s all about hot metallic colors to make you look glamorous day and night.
  • Skirts: While last year seemed to be the year of the mini, this year is a lot more welcoming of all shapes and sizes. Depending on what suits your body type, you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of skirts in different lengths and cuts. Regardless of the length the key is to keep is simple and elegant.
  • Pants: You’ll be able to keep your legs warm this fall with some of the most comfortable pants out in years. Although the wider leg pants have always been fashionable in some way shape or form (flare and boot cut)this fall it’s all about wide leg pants. This roomy yet classy style features pant legs that are the same width from your hips to your hem. For those of you that just love the skinny leg jeans; don’t start to cry just yet. You can still wear some of those super sexy, ultra slim styles this fall as well.
  • Clutches: Okay, so there are millions of purses out there and it basically comes down to what you prefer and what you need to tote with you on a daily basis. That aside, the clutch is a big item this fall regardless of what you’re carrying, where you’re going, or what time of day it is. As for a color, this season it’s all about bold, shiny, metallic and some safe neutrals.
  • Platforms and Flats: Once again, it’s anyone’s game this fall, particularly when it comes to shoes. Whether you like to keep it natural and wear your favorite flats or kick it up a notch and flaunt those sexy legs in platforms, you’ll be in style. Another hot shoe style this year is the boot or booties. If boots are your favorite footwear check out a slouch style boot with buckles, or a lace-up oxford style bootie.

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