As QR codes become more popular as a contact tracking, customer check-in, and marketing tool for small and medium businesses, some are overlooking the fundamentals of running QR code-powered marketing and processes in the first place. And the purpose of this is to keep track of how many individuals have followed the instructions and scanned the codes.

As a result, many businesses tend to miss out on the potential to analyze the scans collected in attempt to optimize their sales and customer satisfaction.

With the opportunities that businesses are losing every day, the success of QR code marketing may be challenging to achieve.

Why should firms keep track of how well QR codes are scanned?

The legitimacy of a company in the industry is determined by its numbers. It is a method for customers to determine whether or not the goods you are selling are worth purchasing.

As a result, savvy firms that provide relevant product and service statistics generate more leads and money than those that do not. This demonstrates the importance of data in marketing and operations.

Help organize their upcoming marketing initiatives

Because the data you acquire with QR code tracking can point to new methods to improve their subsequent marketing efforts. It also means you’re offering yourself unlimited possibilities to promote using QR codes.

Suppose your initial QR code campaign fails to generate enough scans owing to design flaws or incorrect QR code placements. In that case, you may simply identify them and strive to remedy them in future efforts.

When most firms use QR codes for the first occasion in their marketing efforts, the most typical error they make is a design problem with the code and its placement in the promotional material.

As a result, to make their marketing QR codes look more professional and visually appealing, intelligent QR code users employ a free QR code generator with logo software online.

Remove the time-consuming task of collecting marketing outcomes

Because QR code marketing reduces the cost and resources required to sell a product or service, tracking the effects becomes straightforward.

You can do away with the old time-consuming marketing methods, such as calling or texting each person to find out how many of the clients come to them. Instead, make marketing results tracking into a simple reload of the tracking data page of your QR code.

Assist QR code researchers in obtaining extra study data

Given the scarcity of knowledge on QR code scanning in the research industry, having this bit of information can drive recognized and established publishers insane in their attempts to understand it.

You can improve your company’s reputation among customers and investors by establishing relationships with these outlets.

What is QR code tracking, and how does it work?

A QR code user collects essential QR code data and insights from the four key characteristics to provide complete QR code monitoring analytics.

Number of people scanning (total number of scans), when do the scans happen (timeline of scans performed), where do the scans take place (location), and what device is used for scanning are the essential analytics components (device type used in scanning).

QR code tracking is only probable when the QR code is a dynamic QR code or an editable QR code utilized for marketing and commercial activities.

How can you keep track of your QR code scans?

You’ll need two things to keep track of your QR code scans. These are your QR code generator online subscription plan and the dynamic QR code you currently employ in your marketing efforts. With these two, you can begin tracking your QR code scans by following the instructions below:

1. Log your account on the QR code generator you use.

2. Go to the Data Tracking tab.

3. Choose the QR code solution corresponding to your dynamic QR code.

4. By clicking the data button, you may select the dynamic QR code you want to track.

5. Select the demographics you wish to see to keep track of your data.

You’ll be able to identify any significant changes in the number of QR code scans you receive throughout the day, week, or month and which locations your QR codes are regarded as adequate.


Now that QR codes are a part of any business and customers that entirely use electronic devices during the peak of the digital era recognizing the number of scans means knowing the impressions and disparities QR codes made for them.

By tracking QR code scans, a company’s marketing and operations can be more transparent. With the pertinent data gleaned from QR code tracking, any firm that uses it will rarely lose sight of its opportunities.