The effectiveness of optimized press releases is beginning to pick up in the field of SEO. Press release writing has been termed as the secret backdoor to getting better search engine rankings. This beneficial SEO technique has now become established as a highly beneficial SEO technique and is increasingly being used in SEO campaigns formulated by top SEO companies.

When a press release, optimized to meet your business needs is released on the internet it automatically gets picked up by various sites and channels. The best thing about press releases is that they also get picked up by news search engines including Google and Yahoo news. Each time a press release is picked up by a website it gets reproduced. And every time it is reproduced it will contain your keywords as well as links to your website. As a result press releases help you to generate widespread backlinks throughout the internet.

As it has already been established, backlinks are one of the key factors that Google takes into account when determining the search engine rankings of any particular website. Basically Google will factor in the number of backlinks leading to your website as well as the sources of these backlinks. Hence if you have a high number of backlinks coming from news websites it can work wonders for your reputation with Google. This is because news websites have high page ranks. This gives your website high quality backlinks which will eventually help your website to achieve a higher page rank while contributing to the link popularity of your website as well.

We know that news stories are time sensitive and the moment a press release is distributed you will find it to linked in no time. This contributes towards giving you early visibility in news searches, sites as well as standard search engines. Most of the popular news sites actually have archives of stories which give you long term link value along with rankings and visibility stretched over a period of time.

Another thing that makes press release writing services effective is the fact that online news search queries are by nature more targeted than average searches on the web. This means that internet users that will be searching for news related to your industry will most definitely be using the right search terms. This guarantees that your press release will be explored and thus gives you a better chance to improve the search engine rankings of your website.

Press releases need to be composed of expert SEO Copywriting with all its standard features which includes relevant information which should be current and clear. Such well written content is most definitely going to help you build your credibility on the internet. The fact that your press releases will be appearing on the search engine results of Google and Yahoo news automatically gives the reader a sense that you are a credible source of information in your particular industry. This is the reason why press releases writing services are increasingly being recommended by professional SEO companies.

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