Which country has the best home decor trends?

When it comes to home decor trends, the most popular would be the trends adopted by Scandinavian countries. 

You do not need to live in a Scandinavian country to decorate your home like theirs. You can decorate your Canadian home in the Scandinavian style to bring a clean, fresh look to your home by making a few small, simple changes. Check out allreviews.ca to read real reviews on a wide range of companies in Canada. If you are looking for great Canadian furniture company reviews, click on the links to be redirected to these review pages. Reviews are a useful tool to rate a company’s performance based on previous customer feedback. 

How can I incorporate Scandinavian design elements into my home?

There are 5 key design elements to the Scandinavian design trend.

#1) A focus on clean white spaces

White or light-colored walls create a clean look and can enlarge a room. Lighter colors also give a room a more modern feel.

#2) Lighting

Lighting can change the feel of an entire room. From floor lamps to wall sconces, use lighting to add an interesting look to your living room. For rooms that require brighter lighting like kitchens and bathrooms, overhead lighting can provide a clean finish.

#3) Wooden flooring

Wooden floors are the most sustainable and durable of all flooring options. Great for high traffic areas, they are practical and easy to clean. A scuff mark here or there will only add to the look of the wood. Wooden floors and light walls combined are a nod to classic Scandinavian design trends. 

#4) Bright furniture and decor

Incorporate color into an otherwise drab room by adding key pieces such as brightly colored chairs or scatter cushions on sofas. The Scandinavian design elements focus on minimalistic use of furniture in all rooms of the home.

With minimalism, less is more, and this can be seen in the way people decorate their kitchens. As the saying goes, there is a place for everything and everything in its place. Vases of fresh-cut flowers or a colorful chair at the breakfast nook add a pop of color in an otherwise simple kitchen. 

#5) Contemporary art

Wall art can add color to an otherwise drab wall in your living room or kitchen. For a trendy look, choose monochromatic graphic art to add detail to a wall, or create a focal point in your room. Bright frames with florals can create a colorful conversation piece in your home.

Where can I buy the best furniture and decor pieces to decorate my home?

There are a variety of online shops in Canada that sell great-quality furniture pieces at the best prices. You can read online reviews by previous customers to determine the credibility of a company and how good its products and services are. 

Online shopping is a great, convenient way to buy your furniture. Check out their delivery options as well as return policies to ensure that you are not caught unawares should you wish to return your products.