E-cigarettes: How they work, risks, and research

Electronic cigarettes and vaping have been gaining popularity over the last couple of years, mainly due to it being a different alternative compared to smoking regular cigarettes. However, if you are interested in making that change, many top online stores offer various brands. For example, Bargain Fox sells all things electrical and has daily discounts on selected items, so you may be able to get your e-cigarette for half the price.    

How safe are e-cigarettes

The UK regulations for e-cigarettes are highly regulated. Therefore e-cigarettes are a healthier option compared to regular cigarettes. They do not contain tar or carbon monoxide, making them a percentage of traditional cigarettes. Nicotine is a harmful substance. The sweet liquid and vapour contain chemicals that can damage your health.

What you should know about e-cigarettes before buying one

While e-cigarettes do not have as many harmful substances in them like cigarettes, there are a few health-related issues you might want to consider before purchasing one. For example, while the nicotine in cigarettes and electronic cigarettes make you addicted, the nicotine itself is surprisingly not as harmful as the other chemicals you are inhaling. Additionally,  if you are a smoker switching to e-cigarettes or vape products can promote a healthier lifestyle; however, if you have never smoked before, it is recommended to not vape due to how addictive the liquid and vapour can be. 

How e-cigarettes can make you quit smoking

Many smokers swap out traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes or vapes to control their smoking and eventually quit. E-cigarettes have contributed to encouraging smokers to stop. When using a vape or e-cigarette, you can manage your nicotine intake by deciding how strong you want it to be in your liquid. Using e-cigarettes to quit smoking has been more receptive than using gum or a nicotine patch. If you are interested in purchasing a vape or e-cigarette to help you quit smoking, it is advisable to inquire at the e-cigarette shop as to which vape would be best for that purpose. 

Healthiest vape/e-cigarette

Vaping and using e-cigarettes can reduce the damage to your lungs, it is far more discreet than traditional smoking, and you can also smoke inside. Therefore if you are considering transitioning to vaping, here is a list of the top healthies vapes/e-cigarettes available to you. Firstly is Vapemate. This company makes sure to use the best pharmaceutical and food-grade ingredients manufactured in the EU, USA or UK. In addition, they also randomly test their e-liquids using the GCMS analysis. Secondly is PrimeVapor. Their e-liquids only contain food flavourings, vegetable glycerine and pure nicotine.

Additionally, when manufacturing their e-liquids, it is done in a state of the art facility. Thirdly, 100% Organic VG ECOvape VSAVI uses fewer chemicals in their e-liquids, and when doing any research, their customers’ well-being and health are the most crucial concerns. Lastly, Pure Liquids provides its customers with a transparent list of all the ingredients in their V2 e-liquids and tests all their baches before selling them to their customers.  

Vaping and e-cigarettes are becoming more frequently used to help smokers quit smoking. Although they do not have as many harmful ingredients as traditional cigarettes have, they still contain chemicals that could harm your health. Therefore, when considering to purchase an e-cigarette or vape, it is highly recommended to browse the different brands and choose one that is transparent with their ingredients and goes through regular testing.