Mini golf is super fun, everyone already knows that! Think back to your last round of mini golf – wide smiles, laughter, relaxed companions and joy all round, right?! Quirky obstacles, fun themes and tricky courses that make you say “ooooh….!” keeps the game interesting and engaging on every hole. It is suitable for people of all ages and skill levels and a wonderful way to spend time with friends and family.

If you are yet to give it a try, what are you waiting for?!

Mini Golf is More than Just Fun!

Aside from being enormous fun there are so many other reasons to book in a game of mini golf.

It Is A Game for Everyone

Because it is low impact and you can play at your own pace, mini golf suits anyone and is great for so many events. What The Putt has a venue that is excellent for small or large groups, birthdays and other special events, kids’ parties, work parties and corporate events.  

The rules are simple and easy to follow which makes the game fair and simple to play. You don’t need any equipment, just a comfy pair of shoes. The venue will provide your golf clubs, balls and scorecards.

Also, every game you play is different too and you can challenge yourself even when you play the same course by trying different tactics, taking your ball on a different path to the hole and mixing up your swing. 

Brilliant Ice Breaker

Mini golf is the perfect way to clear tension and unease, such as for an event where you have a group that perhaps don’t know each other such as a work function. Or maybe you are going on a date with someone new – what a fantastic way to comfortably interact and get to know each. 

Enhance Your Skill Development

One of the greatest benefits of mini golf is a little-known secret which is that it is a really valuable tool for developing skills for golf. Playing mini golf allows you to improve your golf game by practising the skills you can transfer across to your game on the large courses.

Improve your grip, posture and swing as well as learning how to navigate obstacles. The confined spaces on a mini golf course forces you to use meticulous movements and improves hand-eye coordination. You can refine your precision and control and perfect your putting on the green.

It’s Educational

Each hole is a series of puzzles to be solved so there are many educational benefits of mini golf. Think about the strategies you need to use the edges or obstacles to get your ball close to the hole. You need to reflect on your geometry and physics knowledge to ricochet the ball accurately and use a good pace when hitting the ball. 

Hand the score card to the kids to practise their maths and tally up the numbers. It also works your memory as you need to keep a mental tally of your strokes played on each hole.

Indoor Mini Golf – You Don’t Need Fine Weather

There are indoor mini golf courses popping up now so you can play all year round. Schedule to play a round any day and be assured you will be able to complete the entire course. Another perk of being indoors is the consistency as there won’t be any fallen leaves or pesky puddles to get in your way.

Late Night Mini Golf

Another benefit of indoor courses is that you can play at night so it is an ideal way to spend an evening with your buddies. What The Putt late night mini golf in Melbourne has a fully stocked bar and tasty food so you can golf and socialise easily. They also have arcade games, pool tables and other games so your night can continue after the final hole of golf.

Develops Social Skills

A game that is often played in a group of people is a good way to socialise and hone your people skills. It can teach you how to maintain your focus and composure while still keeping your eye on the prize. Emotional resilience can be tested as you try to remain calm, even if you duff a shot.

Mini golf is a great way to build these qualities in children too, along with patience, taking turns, concentration and being a good sport among their peers. It helps them with strategic thinking and hitting a great shot is a great incentive for them to try their best. 

It’s Good For You

There are some health benefits to mini golf too. You are moving your body with gentle exercise that is beneficial for all ages. Walking up and down hills, aligning shots and swinging the club engages different muscle groups and promotes balance and coordination.

It is a brilliant way to do something active with the family and to get the kids away from the screens. Even on a rainy day this is a terrific family outing if you head to an indoor mini golf venue. Cognitive skills are also needed as you are constantly using your brain to outsmart your opponents with the cleverest shots. It’s as much a thinking game as an active game.

Explore your local mini golf courses and reap all the amazing benefits! Call to discuss event options for your next special function or easily book a game online at What The Putt mini golf in Melbourne

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