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There are several ad networks out there but deserves a standing ovation. Indeed, it is one of the best banner advertising networks for most of the publishers and advertisers. It offers a myriad of options for both advertisers and publishers to leverage and make the best out of their online marketing for businesses.

Putting banner ads for your business or services on quality blogs and websites is a great way to advertise your business online.

Banner advertising is included in the top advertising tips for getting high traffic for your website or business.

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Here is a quick review of banner ad network :-


General overview: provides an online marketplace that bridges the gap between online publishers and advertisers. It allows advertisers to find blogs and websites that suit their ads and budgetary constraints, while at the same time allowing publishers to sell their ad spaces to the most suited advertisers.

Founded in 2008, this is a great advertising platform that has transformed businesses. How it works?

You can make easy money by selling your ad space at BuySellAds has a publisher directory where publishers can add their blogs easily once they are registered and approved.

Registration is free so you don’t need to worry about anything. But, getting approved as a publisher is not that easy as compared to other platforms, like Infolinks, Chitika, etc.

However, the services are not free, as you are charged 25% per transaction. You can also choose between the Deal Manager Direct and the Self Serve Direct payment options.

As advertisers look for blogs and sites where they can place the banner ads, they will come across your blog, and they can buy an ad space once they are convinced that you have what they are looking for.

Remember that the advertisers will be able to know your site’s Alexa rank, Google page rank, Complete rank and other bits of information that touch on the quality of the site.

Buying of ads is a sweet piece of cake as advertisers buy the space directly form without involving the publisher in question.


Why is a Top Banner Ad Network for Publishers and Advertisers? for Publishers point of View: provides awesome opportunities for publishers to sell their advertising space without hustle and bustle. Once you set the rate of payment, you just need to wait for advertisers to buy space from you by contacting directly.

The only thing that you have to do as a publisher is to set rates that are competitive so that you remain at par with your cutthroat competitors. You can set all your ads to be automatically approved or you can approve them manually.

This means that you are in control of all the ads that appear on your site. The fact that you can offer ads of various sizes, prices and locations shades light on the versatility and flexibility of BuySellAds for publishers.

In short, BuySellAds does all the donkey work for publishers, right from the time the publisher’s site is listed to the time purchases are made and payments delivered

Publishers can also sell traditional desktop display advertising, mobile website display ads, RSS feed text ads, banner ads, mobile app display ads as well as desktop app ads. In general, traditional display advertising is common

There are no barriers to entry, as on top of being free registration, there is no publisher language requirement and traffic minimum. However, the publisher’s content should be unique, and rightly so.

Another point that makes BuySellAds tick for publishers is the fact that getting approved takes more than having a website. The site must have a good design and the quality of the site must be very high.

This means that if your listing is accepted, you are only competing with publishers of the same class. It is therefore important for publishers to accept the ads that are relevant to their niches and to avoid spammy ads that add no value and put their integrity into question.

Concisely, is one of the highest paying ad networks. Paid advertising has its place in this ad network, but Beating the competition is a huge challenge for small publishers who have to struggle for stand out from the crowd. for Advertisers:

On the other hand, advertisers have access to display, sponsored tweets and email advertising types.

Creating an ad unit is straightforward and WordPress plugin is available. Compatibility with AdSense is a great addition. As if that is not enough, the publisher reporting and admin control panel is a fully fledged system that flows smoothly from the intuitive control panel to workable reporting tools.

Cost Per Impression model is the dominant model here, and payments can be made through check, PayPal and wire.

As expected, customer care is elaborate to ensure that you do not get bogged down in the process of buying or selling inventory on this site.


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