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Now we have an overview of how crucial humanitarian assistance is; let’s break down why international aid is so important. Humanitarian aid is essential because it provides life-saving assistance to people affected by conflicts, disasters, and poverty. Humanitarian aid is vital in reducing the impact of crises on communities, helping the recovery, and improving Preparedness for future emergencies.

It Saves Lives

The first reason why humanitarian aid is essential is that it saves lives. When vast numbers of people are affected by disasters, crises, or conflicts, humanitarian agencies mount a response. The main aim of a humanitarian response is to prevent loss of life, which is the principal aim of humanitarian aid.

It’s a Key Part of Emergency Responses

Humanitarian aid is an integral part of an emergency response to crises. When disasters hit countries, urgent responses are needed to save lives and provide for people’s basic needs. Humanitarian actors play a crucial role in these binding actions, and their aid is fundamental to crisis responses.

Crucial For Ensuring Food Security and Nutrition

International aid is crucial in helping famine-affected populations survive and recover. Humanitarian aid is key to saving lives, ensuring food supplies, and supporting spaces that heal those affected by food insecurity. Aid must be mobilized when famines hit areas.

Humanitarian Assistance Can Provide Protection

Over the previous two decades, humanitarian aid has focused more on protecting vulnerable people. When disasters hit populations, vulnerabilities increase. International assistance is crucial because it allows humanitarian actors and local organizations to run projects that can protect people who are especially vulnerable due to a crisis.

Offers Shelter During Crises

Humanitarian aid is also essential as it provides shelter. When disasters and conflicts hit populations often, vast numbers of people lose their homes. Humanitarian assistance is urgently needed to provide temporary shelter to these people. Safe and secure protection is vital for crisis-affected people, and international aid plays a significant role in delivering this.

It Helps Rebuild and Develop Livelihoods

When crises, conflicts, or disasters hit people, they lose their livelihoods. Humanitarian aid is essential because it can help people rebuild their livelihoods and business, returning to providing for their families and community. Livelihood projects are a vital part of many humanitarian responses.

It gives People in Need Clean Water and Sanitation.

Clean drinking water and proper sanitation are the basic needs of populations affected by humanitarian emergencies. Foreign aid plays a vital role in vocalizing these needs. Many humanitarian actors specialize in providing clean water and sanitation management to crisis-affected populations.

Helps Recovery After a Disaster

Communities hit by natural disasters, crises, or conflicts suffer severe disruption. This affects lives, livelihoods, and the cohesion of societies. Humanitarian aid is vital in helping people recover from disasters. Rapid recovery is essential for people to return to their lives and for communities to heal. International assistance plays a crucial part in this.

Humanitarian Aid is Vital for Global Health

There is a wide range of ways that humanitarian aid plays a crucial role in global health. Firstly, humanitarian actors run medical and mental health projects assisting displaced people and those overblown by crises. Humanitarian and development organizations also run important health projects for marginalized communities and impoverished people.

●    Works to Ensure Preparedness

●    Builds Capacity

●    Essential for The Fight Against Climate Change

●    Provides Education to Children in Need

Be An Angel is an organization that was founded as a response to the refugee crisis that was heavily affecting Germany in 2015. It started with the accommodation of refugees as guests in the apartments of the Be an Angel team. At some point, over 1,600 people had been spared homelessness in this way. Over the years, Be an Angel has evolved into a reliable non-governmental organization that has responded to various humanitarian crises professionally and efficiently and continues to do so today. 

Their projects include on-the-ground work in Greece, Serbia, Moldova, and Ukraine, as well as the support of refugees of various backgrounds arriving in Germany. The work that Be an Angel does, consists of counseling refugees, and evacuating refugees, with a significant focus on vulnerable people (illnesses, disabilities, old age, etc.) as well as the organization and distribution of in-kind donations. The number one goal of Be an Angel is empowerment. 

At the moment, the majority of the Be an Angel team is busy supporting Ukraine and its people. Ever since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Be an Angel e.V. and Friends of Be an Angel, the U.S. registered counterpart, have evacuated more than 18,000 vulnerable Ukrainian civilians to safety in European Union countries. They delivered and distributed nearly 5,000 tons of in-kind donations worth over 35 million Dollars to war zones in Ukraine. These donations include medicines, medical equipment, basic foodstuffs, ambulances, and more.

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