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The key to cultivating grass that is lush and green is to water it in the optimum amounts. It is possible to make quick work of this task by installing sprinklers in your yard using components that can be bought from stores that specialise in providing irrigation supplies Perth. However, sprinkler systems may be difficult to set up on one’s own, which is why many property owners choose to have a professional reticulation installation Perth firm set up a sprinkler system on their property rather than doing it themselves.

A sprinkler system may be made at home with the right equipment and some knowledge of construction basics. Payroll costs will be reduced as a result. Please read on to learn more about the project and assess your suitability for it.

DIY Sprinkler System: Irrigation Supplies Perth That You Need

PVC Pipe

The use of PVC tubing of a superior grade is essential to the performance of sprinkler systems. In addition to that, you will need primer, glue, and tee fittings made of PVC.

Rain Bird Professional Anti-Siphon Valve With Flow Control

Because of its design, the control valve in question should be installed at an elevated location so as to prevent the risk of backflow.

Orbit 3-Valve Heavy-Duty Manifold

A manifold similar to this one is required in order to provide proper regulation of the water distribution across a sprinkler system that has many zones. The object, after having been buried, may be unearthed with the use of a sprinkler box, which provides easy access to the digging area.

Rain Bird Professional Pop-Up Sprinkler

The adjustment range for these pop-up sprinklers is from 8 to 15 feet, which makes them highly adaptable. There is a range of adjustments available for the spray angle that goes from 0 degrees to 360 degrees.

Rain Bird Spray Head Riser

In order to correctly connect sprinkler heads to PVC plumbing systems, risers are a necessary component that must be used.

Sprinkler Timer/Controller

It tells the sprinkler system when to turn itself on and for how long it should run before shutting itself off automatically. It also specifies how long it should run. If you did not have an irrigation controller, each time you wanted to use the sprinkler system, you would have to manually switch it on and off. This may be a tedious and time-consuming process. This would be inconvenient and require a lot of extra time.

Instructions for Doing Reticulation Installation Perth on Your Own

To find out whether you need a permit to instal a do-it-yourself irrigation system, you need to get in touch with your city’s construction authority. Reticulation installation Perth requires not just knowledge of building techniques, but also of the components being used. You may next check the availability of these things at several stores in the area that sell irrigation supplies Perth.

Step #1: Collect Water Supply Data.

You need to gather the following information on the water supply in order to ensure that you are able to get the appropriate irrigation supplies Perth.

  • PSI water tension
  • The readings from the metre or the pump.
  • Water line length.
  • The quantity of water that travels through a certain area in a given amount of time.

Step #2: Creating an Irrigation Plan.

Make a map of your whole area, including the trees, shrubs, and flowerbeds, and include it in the map. On the diagram, label the locations where the valve control and pipes may be found. In addition to this, you are required to define the placement of the heads of the sprinkler system. Spread them out evenly to provide the necessary amount of coverage.

Step #3: Collect Your Components.

Gather the components of the sprinkler system in accordance with the specifications set out by the water system and the irrigation map. When shopping for irrigation supplies Perth, these are the sprinkler system components that are the most important to take into consideration:

  • Risers
  • Valve control
  • PVC pipe
  • Heads of sprinkler
  • A timer that is automatic

Step #4: Direct Your Installation.

Flags or stakes may be used to indicate the position of each sprinkler in the garden. In order to identify the location of the pipe, attach the stakes to the string.

Step #5: Excavate Trenches.

Dig out the trench for the pipe system using the thread as a point of reference. The length of the tunnel must be between eight and ten inches from end to end, and its width should be the same.

Step #6: Attach Pipe.

To ensure that there is a sufficient water supply, place the pipe above the trench. The glue and the primer are what hold the plastic pipe tip in place. To connect each sprinkler, you need to make use of a tee connection.

Step #7: Join Risers.

Build a riser out of PVC tubing such that it can go through each of the junction tees without being blocked.

Step #8: System Cleanup.

It is essential to clear the system of any remnants of construction work before proceeding with the installation of sprinkler heads. Turn on the principal water supply of the system and let the garbage flow out while the water is running.

Step #9: Setup Heads of the Sprinkler.

Each riser needs sprinkler heads for effective operation. Check that both are linked at or above the soil’s surface and orientated in the appropriate direction to ensure their best functioning.

Step #10:  Install Automatic Timer.

It should be connected to the control of the valve via an impermeable line. A timer may be set up in such a way that it waters certain sections of the lawn at predetermined intervals.

Step #11: System Check and Hide the Pipe.

After you have successfully connected your water supply and established that the system is running effectively and there are no leaks, you may be ready to finally assist in hiding the tubing and enjoy your brand-new sprinklers. This will allow you to get the most out of your investment.


You should now have a better idea of how time-consuming the process of establishing your own sprinkler system for your lawn is after reading the overview that was just provided. You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself if you are unable to go, even if you really want to. It is in your best advantage to choose a professional who is capable of doing the task promptly and precisely without making any errors that may end up being quite expensive and also can give you advice as to what and where to get irrigation supplies Perth.

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