With Diwali fast approaching, everybody is desperately looking to get their hands on the best festive styles they can get their hands on, so that they can be the best dressed at their local festivities. For all those who are unacquainted with Indian ethnic fashion and have little to no idea on what makes for an appropriate festive look, you might want to continue reading below for some tips and tricks on how to maximize your style to the max.

Opting for Dark Colors

For all those who are desperate to look slim, wearing dark shades really helps in creating the illusion. This is because light colors don’t work as well as dark shades do in hiding the flabbier portions of the body. Also dark shades are more suited to festive Indian ethnic fashion. This is not to say that lighter shades shouldn’t be worn for Diwali at all.

Accessorizing Appropriately

Irrespective of whether you’re opting to wear a churidar suit or lehenga choli, choosing the right accessories after paying attention to certain details of your outfit, such as the color, amount of embroidery/ embellishment work on the outfit itself as well as other small details helps in amplifying your festive look for Diwali to the fullest. It is good to know that accessories such as bracelets and sleek bangles make your arms look thin, while heavy necklace sets and earrings only add volume to your look.

Getting your hairstyle right

If you are someone who is really to add a tremendously slim-effect to your festive style, then avoiding typing your hair and instead letting it loose will help you in achieving exactly that. Sporting a hairstyle such as this not only helps in making you look slim but also youthfull.

Appropriate Footwear

Getting your hands on the right sort of footwear that suits your outfit the best really helps in taking your overall festive look to new heights, irrespective of whether you opt for traditional or western footwear. While a pair of stilettos really amplify the look of festival sarees, anarkali suits and lehenga for diwali, a gorgeous pair of pumps also work equally well. Sporting the right pair of footwear aids in making you look more in shape.

Buy Diwali ethnic wear online

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