As we wrap up 2020 the coronavirus continues to form our lives and language. Despite the fact that we hoped we’d be capable to toss all matters COVID in the trash along with our made use of up 2020 day planners, that is naturally not heading to be the situation as the virus circumstances and deaths carry on to surge to new heights.

As of this week, with the initially situation of the virus recorded in Antarctica, COVID-19 is now on each and every continent on the earth.

It is no surprise pandemic was the word of the year in accordance to equally Merriam-Webster and The Peoples Decision 2020 Word of the 12 months, in accordance to, was unparalleled yet again, no surprise. Other words or expressions that infected our day to day lexicon this year included asymptomatic, call tracing, flatten the curve, frontliner, furlough, herd immunity, hydroxychloroquine, infodemic, lockdown, crucial/nonessential, PPE, pod, immunocompromised, quarantine, shelter in area, social distancing, superspreader, twindemic and viral load.

Definitely not an uplifting or cheerful listing but do not allow it be reported that we don’t have a perception of humor or aren’t linguistically clever even in “coronapocalypse.”

We commenced employing the science fiction trope “before instances,” imagine Star Trek’s 1966 “Miri” episode or, if you desire feel, “Remember in the prior to instances when we could dance until we dropped in the mosh pit at a live performance?” Yeah, me neither.

We gave the virus a nickname in the hope, I guess, of producing it a lot less frightening. We called it “rona” and the longer we were on lockdown we experienced from “ronasomnia,” the lack of ability to drop asleep since we’d invested all working day sitting on out butts “doomscrolling” by way of our social media and news feeds for the most current news on “Miss Rona.”

We rode the “coronacoaster” jointly with every single new shutdown order offering ourselves “coronacuts” with Flobees we ordered from Amazon. And afterwards we regretted possessing manufactured the cuts just after we’d, shaken, not stirred, and imbibed a “quarantini” or two — or perhaps it was a pitcher “coronaritas.”

We stood on scales and bemoaned getting attained the “COVID-10” from all that dang snacking while binge observing the Tiger King often alone and occasionally with people on our “quaranteam “(or in our “bubble” or “pod”). We collectively suffered from Zoom-exhaustion as we tried to make the ideal of the keep-at-home get by contacting it a “coronacation” which, in reality, we all preferred to “covexit.”