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Being in any creative industry is full of perks. Creative artists have something in their personality that gives them the edge over everyone around them. Not to say that they are any more special than those who are not in the creative industry, but these people bring a difference in the world by being in their field and doing extraordinary things for a lot of us. 

There are numerous creative industry areas, and one of them is writing. Writing again is divided into many categories, but whatever writing it is, when one sits down to write, they feel free while doing it. Sometimes the content is related to an entirely fictitious story and sometimes about controversial subjects, other times just about mundane stuff; in all categories, the writer always feels like they have done catharsis by simply putting words on the paper or the screen.

There are studies that many people nowadays are becoming more aware of the importance of letting emotions out through writing and hence are starting to use “notes” app on their phones to write day-to-day experiences to be able to evaluate their feelings, or maybe to know more about the stance of people around them, or even sometimes to only practice the skill of writing on the beginner level.

Let’s consider the google searches about the feelings of people who write. The results show that 69% of the writers feel more empowered, in an authority position, and valued in society as they get a voice on platforms to have a say. Because of being known for the opinions they share with a community online, they create a fan base for themselves, and later on, they turn to become their army to help them grow professionally.

A list of a few main perks of being a writer may include:

  • Instant authority and credibility.
  • Quality fan base.
  • Increased clientele.
  • Making a difference in the lives of others.
  • Winning converts to a cause.
  • Popularizing one’s ideas.
  • Swaying public opinion.
  • Correcting misconceptions.
  • Exposing injustices.
  • Entertaining and delighting others.
  • Capturing stories before they’re lost.
  • Preserving history before it’s lost

These are just a few of many other benefits that a person gets who writes for the world to read and help themselves be more aware of the world and their self.

A writer, who has begun her career in this field, has a versatile set of expertise and a life story that one can use as a motivational source. We are talking about Svetlana Banks, an entrepreneur, life coach, and motivational speaker with is an excellent writer. From the very first few years of life, Svetlana has been facing difficult times and struggling to get the chance to live a healthy life. She was diagnosed with a fatal disease, for which she was told she would not be able to survive for long. 

Later in life, while growing out of that difficult time, she started generating this trait of being very motivated because it was needed the most for her and her family to have faith to face the difficulties. All these traits helped her become an empathetic and intuitional individual who would be able to understand others’ pain and sympathize and empathize with them.

Her personality led her to start writing, eventually writing a book named “Descent Into Heaven.” In this book, she writes about her experiences of being with a man who is so much in love with her despite the fact she is in a wheelchair, and all the focus is on how to make every man understand what happened in this relationship and why it was beautiful. 

By Rehan

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