300 Detroit St., Ann Arbor;734-224-8262; thelunchrooma2.com/detroit-street-filling-station
“I must admit, as a lifelong omnivore, I have always been skeptical about vegetarian restaurants as I have rarely found any earth shattering vegetarian dishes. But was pleasantly surprised when I came across the Power Up Bowl at the Detroit Street Filling Station! It was vegetarian, healthy, and more importantly (to me at least), super tasty! Would highly recommend this for your entree if you come by here for lunch or dinner.
The buffalo cauliflower ::wings:: here are also pretty great. The Pad Thai is alright, not nearly as good as the Power Up bowl. The Power Up bowl is where it’s at.” —Nancy C. on Yelp

Photo via Detroit Street Filling Station/Facebook” itemprop=”image” />

422 Detroit St., Ann Arbor;734-663-3354; zingermansdeli.com
“We have too many favorite restaurants in Ann Arbor (alas! what a problem to have!), and so usually don’t get a meal here. HOWEVER: The store is AWESOME. We stock up on favorites (including pickles that my husband cannot live without), cheese, and bread.
In fact, here’s a tip: when you first walk in, get your loaf of bread right away. IT GOES FAST! Then peruse the deli and grocery options. I usually spend time browsing the shelves for new items, as well as funny descriptions. Clever writers make me happy!!
No trip to A2 is complete without a stop here.” — Jessica V. on Yelp

Photo via Zingerman’s Delicatessen/Facebook” itemprop=”image” />

2321 Jackson Ave., Ann Arbor; 734-954-6637; homesbrewery.com
“I drove all the way up here from Lexington Kentucky for the beer. I had no idea the food was so exceptional. This is possibly one of my best experiences at a brewery. The service was fast and the aesthetic was modern. I would recommend making this trip to anybody who is in the area. My fiancé and my best friend also loved it. I would highly recommend any of their sours as they are on par with some of the best I’ve tasted. Considering that this is one of the very few breweries that doesn’t serve BBQ or pizza the food was interesting enough at face value; however, it was exceptional in every fashion. This place is a must!” — Walter L. on Yelp

Photo via Home Brewery/Facebook” itemprop=”image” />

113 E. Liberty St., Ann Arbor; 734-369-3979; spencerannarbor.com
::I almost don’t want to review Spencer’s for fear the great secret of downtown AA let’s out. If you’re serious about great food, love small intimate places that reminds you of your neighborhood favorite restaurant then look no closer than Spencer’s. With a constantly changing menu to fit the season, each dish is meant to be shared and tasted by group. Tons of great wine and coffee if you’re here for brunch. I love both brunch and dinners here and it’s my go whenever friends are in town and are really interested in exploring local cuisine.:: — Amirah A. on Yelp

Photo via Spencer/Facebook” itemprop=”image” />

2333 Washtenaw Rd., Ypsilanti; 734-961-7828; casablancaypsilanti.com
::Omg omg so freaking GOOD. This is the type of restaurant you go to when you’re just starting out dabbling in different foods. The chicken tagine is AMAZING. It’s so juicy and fresh, you literally cannot go wrong. You can tell the food is made by someone who loves their culture. The wait times can a little bit slow though, this isn’t the type of place where you can call ahead five minutes and expect it to be ready when you get there. This is the type of place where you call while in the middle of running errands and when your done and ready to go home you swing by 30 minutes later haha:: — Zanita W. on Yelp

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609 W. Jefferson St., Ann Arbor; 734-665-6666; thejeffersonmarket.com
::I can not say enough good things about the Jefferson Market. Everything I’ve ever had there has been so so delicious (especially the pancakes and za’atar fries), I can’t get enough. And especially during the COVID pandemic they have been so careful and conscientious of everyone’s safety and comfort. Truly a gem of a place, I would pick The Jefferson Market every time.:: — Mira B. on Yelp

Photo via The Jefferson Market/Facebook
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3182 Packard St., Ann Arbor; 734-477-6089; houseofthemexicanfood.com
::I lived in California for twenty years. I’ve eaten a lot of lousy, mediocre, good, and great Mexican food. Tmaz ranks with the best of the bunch. It’s certainly the best taqueria in Ann Arbor. My wife and I love their tacos.
Although I was long prejudiced against tortas after a bad experience in LA, I decided to try Tmaz’s torta cubana and was enormously glad I did. I also give a shout out to the torta ahogada.This week, though, despite the muggy weather, has been all about the soups. Holy crap, their pozole is on point! I went back today to buy a lot more pozole. They were out, so i got some beef soup. I like that a lot, too. My wife liked it even better than the pozole.Now I have to decide whether I want to post this testimonial. I don’t want longer lines, but I do want Tmaz to get a lot of business.:: — John B. on Yelp

Photo via Tmaz Taqueria/Facebook
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1107 S. University Ave., Ann Arbor; 734-213-5625; joespizzanyc.com
::Fold it up folks we no longer have to travel to NYC to get that famous city slice!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I can not express my gratitude for choosing Ann Arbor to be your first location out of the Big Apple. You will forever have long lines and hungry students to satisfy. Your beautifully charred and airy crust, salty cheese and simple toppings will keep the kids coming. Okay and me, not a college student, but a lover of the folded slice who will circle for a parking spot and dodge the crowds of fraternity and sorority members. I’ll even forgo complaining about the wobbly high tops… hint hint.Next time it’s the whole pie i’m taking home
How did we get so lucky!?:: — Jenny K. on Yelp

Photo via Joe’s Pizza/Facebook

” itemprop=”image” />

2803 Oak Valley Dr., Ann Arbor; 734-997-5490; everestsherparestaurant.com
::I’m extremely picky when I choose to go out to eat or get takeout and this place is SO WORTH IT! I’ve had almost everything on their menu and it is all absolutely delicious. I appreciate their safe and convenient bring to your car option. Note that their portions are quite generous IMO and provide enough food for 2 meals, but you might as well get at least 2 mains so you can try all the tasty dishes! I usually get 4 mains for 2 people and we’re happy to have long lasting leftovers for the next few days.:: — Janice S. on Yelp

Photo via Everest Sherpa Restaurant/Facebook
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2412 E. Stadium Blvd., Ann Arbor; 734-677-0686; pitakingannarbor.com
::The sign on the door said that people of Yelp approved of their shop. It was totally correct! The pita I had was delicious! The chicken was seasoned nicely, and the flavor combination was all there. We started with pita and hummus, and the hummus was a delightful fluffy texture. I ended the meal with a piece of baklava. It was fresh, crispy and easy to ingest. I love good baklava!

The quality of the pita bread itself was really impressive. It had a good flavor by itself. It was dense, yet had perfect air pocket separation. It really held the pita sandwich together. And the loose pita slices for hummus didn’t taste like a tortilla at all!:: — Julian W. on Yelp

Photo via Pita King/Facebook
” itemprop=”image” />

2575 Jackson Ave., Ann Arbor; 734-996-0299; starscafeonline.wordpress.com
::Still one of my favorite take out options in Ann Arbor. Quality has definitely stayed solid in the last few years since I wrote my previous review and we’ve definitely relied on them for dinner many, many times since then. I still love the hummus and housemade pita chips but I’ve added a few plates to my rotation. The crushed lentil soup is a fave and, for my entree, my go to is usually the chicken tawook meal with rice and pita. So good. The chicken is juicy and it usually lasts me two meals. Delicious!Service is SO friendly and helpful. Portions for the entrees are very generous as well.:: — Annette J. on Yelp

Photo via Star’s Cafe/Facebook” itemprop=”image” />

5060 Jackson Rd. Ste. A., Ann Arbor; 734-887-6655; freshforage.com
::This was so off the charts fresh and delicious!!! Besides the seemingly endless bowl combos (which are both meat eater and veggie/vegan friendly) they have 5 or 6 sauces that you get to put on from a condiment bar. I got spiralized sweet potatoes, chili- lime chicken (perfectly cooked and seasoned breast), cilantro, avocado, beet slaw, snap peas and fresh greens. Hope they expand to more locations closer to metro Detroit!!!:: — Kristen K. on Yelp

Photo via Fresh Forage/Facebook
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693 S. Maple Rd., Ann Arbor; 734-332-6055; chelas.co/index.html
::Living within walking distance if Chela’s is DANGEROUS! Really great prices and delicious food!
My go to is the torta al pastor, always so delicious and satisfying. I’ve gotten the rice and beans and they’re a little lacking flavor wise so I usually skip those but I’ve never been let down by their tortas or tacos!! I always go HAM on the spicy salsa too!! A true treasure in Ann Arbor!
Despite how busy it gets the customer service is great and they’ve really adapted well to social distancing! Always excited to treat myself to Chela’s!:: — Jesus E. on Yelp

Photo via Chela’s/Facebook
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2030 W. Stadium Blvd., Ann Arbor; 734-662-7944; dimosdelianddonuts.com
::I love this place! They have amazing donuts of all different flavors (my favorites are the glazed, black raspberry filled, and the famous apple fritter), an excellent bagel, egg, Canadian bacon, and cheese sandwich, and a ton of great deli options. The Manhattan Reuben in particular is fantastic–tender and flavorful corned beef, creamy coleslaw, and the perfect homemade bread: crispy on the outside, soft on the inside (much better than the bread at a place that I won’t name but rhymes with Dingerman’s). The sandwiches are also enormous and super fairly priced.Hidden gem on the menu: the fries. Hot, salty, and crispy, with fluffy potato on the inside.Come on your cheat day, decide what you want before you step up to the counter, and enjoy!!:: — Valerie B. on Yelp

Photo via Dimo’s Deli and Donuts/Facebook
” itemprop=”image” />

3031 Packard St., Ann Arbor; 734-369-2068; facebook.com/djsbakeryAA
::I’m weeping writing this review because I have memories of these amazing donuts but I don’t have them in front of me right now. My husband swung by shortly before they closed so the selection was a little low but the quality was not. It was all incredible. And he was able to secure several of my favorite, the class glazed, so I was very happy.
These glazed wonders are the most pillowy, fluffy, melt in your mouth donuts I’ve had in a minute and they pass through my mind on a regular basis now that I’ve had their deliciousness. And the apple fritter? To die for. Historically I’ve never really gone for apple fritters but I had some friends raving about the ones found at DJ’s so we added them to our order and I am a convert now. Amazing. The cinnamon bun? It’s like the most magical cross between a donut and a proper cinnamon roll, with all that cinnamon and glazy goodness all nice and fried and perfect. I can’t wait to get our next batch and next time we’ll try and visit earlier in the day to sample even more!:: — Annette J. on Yelp

Photo via Dj’s Bakery/Facebook
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1139 Broadway St., Ann Arbor; 734-769-8900; broadwaycafehoagie.com
::This is the first Koreanized cheesesteak hoagie I’ve had and it has forever defined what that means for me. It is perfect. It is perfectly flavored, perfectly juicy, steaming hot, and always good with a nice side of hot peppers.Their sul-lung-tang is also one of my go-tos on winter days. But that’s also one of my favorite dishes so I’m biased.
I also really love the owners. There used to be an older gent who owned the place and he sadly decided to retire. When I went back a few months later, he was working the front counter again – apparently had decided to work part-time at his old shop because he was getting restless. The new owners are this really sweet and hard-working couple and they’re awesome too. The food quality hasn’t dipped a bit in the 10 years I’ve been here – it’s a must-try in Ann Arbor!:: — Chris
B. on Yelp

Photo via Broadway Cafe & Hoagie/Facebook
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407 N. 5th Ave., Ann Arbor; 734-929-2945; loomicafea2.com
::This has become my go to carry out lunch option when I am at or near Kerrytown. The last two times I was in, I had the Chorizo Verde and spiced vegetables. So flavorful and so good.
Today I ordered the Crispy Brisket accompanied by a roasted poblano pepper, a Cucumber-Jalapeño salad and rice. It was a taste explosion – brisket is perfectly seasoned and was fall apart tender. The sides complemented the beef perfectly as did the accompanying vinaigrette. I can’t recommend this place enough – give it a try!:: — Kraig S. on Yelp

Photo via Loomi Cafe/Facebook
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2612 Washtenaw Ave., Ypsilanti; 734-547-3404; lancitynoodles.com
::Ordered delivery from here twice and very much enjoyed both times. Dan Dan Noodles are a hit, as well as the Chong Qing pork noodle bowl. Both are generous portions, very comforting with great depth of flavor. The hand-pulled noodles are a great texture. I also had the Malaysian Shrimp Mee Goreng with knife cut noodles (if you like big, chewy noodles, this is your play) which had a sweet, spicy sauce and big shrimp.

On top of those delicious entrees are a superstar — the best scallion pancakes around. Do yourself a favor and order these! They’re incredible.:: — Ainsley E. on Yelp

Photo via Google Maps
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500 E. William St., Ann Arbor; 734-929-2227; neopapalis.com
::There’s a few Neapolitan style pizza places in Ann Arbor, I think NeoPapalis is the best. The crust, fresh toppings, the cheese & the sauce! Yes, I know I just explained every pizza on the planet but they got it juuust right! Portion sizes are great and they have a bar! Pop for kids, beer for mama, we all get leftovers for lunch and people at work say, ::Ooooh that pizza looks good, is that homemade?::, And I lie and say, ::Oh this? Yeah we grilled our own pizza last night. That’s our thing now::. Oh it’s also fast and affordable- Bravo! Encore!:: — Robyn S. on Yelp

Photo via NeoPapalis/Facebook
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3022 Packard St., Ann Arbor; 734-786-8312; hutkayfusion.com
::I’ve been trying to support local restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic, and I stumbled upon Hutkay Fusion online when I saw they made a huge contribution of cooked meals to Food Gatherers. I had never heard of them before, and looked them up. I was so excited to see that their menu is comprised entirely of vegetarian and vegan foods, and that they focus on meals being nutrient-dense and healthy. I just had to try them! They are definitely on my favorite restaurant list now. Wow, I was so impressed. The food is absolutely delicious, gorgeous, and flavorful. Such unique combinations as well! I had the Shanu Bowl, which was delicious, and I loved the baked samosas as well. My partner, who is not at all vegetarian, got the tofu tikka wrap and was equally happy with it (and he’s a picky eater). I’d totally recommend this place, and I’ll be back!:: — Lauren H. on Yelp

Photo via Hutkay Fusion/Facebook
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2420 E. Stadium Blvd., Ann Arbor; 734-585-5221; thrive-juicery.com
::Could honestly eat here every day. They really focus on doing things right and focusing on quality ingredients. Highly recommend the juices, kale salad, overnight oats, and the avocado toast. I feel like food at most juicery just totally miss the mark, but Thrive isn’t one of those. All the flavors were on point, definitely obsessed. Will be coming back for more every time I come back in town! Wishing we had one in Chicago, this place is a real game changer.:: — Samantha B. on Yelp

Photo via Thrive Juicery/Facebook
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117 W. Washington St., Ann Arbor; 734-761-2882; fritabatidos.com
I’m not a fast food person. Not a huge fan of burgers at all and probs have one every half year. But OMG FRITA BATIDOS. I can eat the burgers here every single day.
Not just the burgers. The smoothies too. The coconut one is a bit too sweet but very addictive. I’d order one to share with my friend for sure.
The fries themselves are just okay for me. The churros, on the other hand, blow my mind away. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!

Photo via Frita Batidos/Facebook
” itemprop=”image” />

3500 Washtenaw Ave. Ste. E4., Ann Arbor; 734-922-2207; pokefishsushi.com
::Not sure why this would ever be rated under 5 stars. This place is so goddamn GOOD. I order a to go chicken and fried rice hibachi bowl every time and they always cook it to absolute perfection. I wish I could give them 6 stars. I usually order through Uber Eats and the delivery fee is high but well worth the money. You get what you pay for and then some. AND for lovers of Ramune, they have all the flavors. I have yet to try an actual poke bowl from them but I am confident that it’s actual fire. I wish I could thank the chefs personally for always concocting what I consider the best meals I’ve had in a while. I will definitely continue to be a loyal customer and highly encourage those in the area, whether local or visiting, to bless their taste buds the way I have.:: — Victoria G. on Yelp

Photo via Poke Fish/Facebook
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1928 Packard St., Ann Arbor;​ 734-436-4163; ricewoodbbq.com
::I’ve eaten a LOT of BBQ across the country, and this is the BEST. Juicy, tender, and flavorful. I don’t even use the BBQ sauce. Would love for them to add pulled chicken on their regular menu. Beware, they don’t joke around with the spice level! We were watching Food Network tonight when they showed pulled pork. My 10 year old son said: ::That makes me want to go to Ricewood.:: Hope to go on Friday night!:: — Denise Z. on Yelp

Photo via Ricewood/Facebook
” itemprop=”image” />

108 S. Main St., Ann Arbor;734-369-4765; firstbitefoods.com
::I’m sooooo happy they have delivery now. I love their coleslaw and all of their vegan options; my favorite is the Thai peanut wrap but my husband likes the beet burger. Great coffee drinks, too. So much farm to table stuff and all compostable takeout / delivery packaging. Really appreciate the commitment to sustainability. Great place to take non-vegan parents of vegan students – something for everyone! A true hidden local gem.:: — Sarah G. on Yelp

Photo via First Bite/Facebook
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