You might be wondering, Volkswagen Golf GTI vs. Subaru WRX?

Yeah. It’s on. And unlike anything before.

It is important to remember that the Volkswagen Golf GTI is a hatchback, whilst the Subaru WRX is a sedan. For this playoff, let’s pretend they are sporty five-door hatchbacks.

But which sports car is better? Is it Subaru WRX or Golf GTI?

Why Choose Between Golf GTI and Subaru WRX?

Believe it or not, these two are competing for the business of anybody who wants to invest $50,000 in a sports vehicle. When you line these things up on a level runway, it looks like a scene from a blockbuster movie. The Volkswagen Golf is taken aback by the sudden and unexpected acceleration of the Perth City Subaru WRX. Better traction is provided by the WRX’s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, which also contributes to the vehicle’s acceleration. The lead is reduced when the Golf makes an effort to come up, but it is still quite clear who the winner is.

But before we get too carried away, let’s take a closer look at the numbers. In comparison, the Golf GTI only has 228 horsepower, while the Subaru has 268. That is a very important distinction. Even while both cars have equivalent torque, there is little doubt that the WRX has superior performance.

Moreover, if you fork out the cash for a WRX STI, the turbo-four engine it comes equipped with will produce 310 horsepower. That is astounding for a car, yet it comes at a reasonable price. When you purchase the GTI, the only thing you will get is the GTI.

Which Sports Car Handles Better?

The Golf GTI has dominated the handling and driving feel for decades. It’s become second nature. Certainly, it isn’t easy to match the comfort and agility you get when hurling it into corners or having an almost buttery sensation when driving about town these days. It is smooth, but it’s nearly irritating. 

Meanwhile, the WRX is based on a separate design. When a human and an automobile met, they agreed to go rallying. That is the WRX’s allure. Its unpleasant past, spewing sand and grit amid jeers and shouts, has given its current version some personality, something you can relate to.

Comforts, Appearance, and Interiors

When you open the door and go inside any of these cars, you will see that they each have a lot going for them. You can access various technological games by turning the key and pressing the start button. If you’re looking at the most affordable models, you can expect cloth seats in both, but the GTI will include front seats that are heated as standard.

Nevertheless, no matter what your sports vehicle is, you’ll have to shell out more cash for leather seats and driver’s chairs that feature power adjustments. Both have automatic temperature control and provide a just as plush atmosphere as any contemporary sports car.

Because of the colourful inside speckles, the immaculate Golf GTI had a little advantage over the other cars in the competition if you’re interested in that thing.

What Kind of Sports Car Is Worth the Value?

Unsurprisingly, the Golf GTI usually costs more than the Subaru WRX. Hence, purchasing the WRX will save you over a thousand bucks. 

However, let’s say you took that extra cash and upgraded it to an STI, or, let’s be realistic; you threw an STI spoiler on it just because with a spruced-up WRX or even the ferocious Subaru WRX STI, you’re looking at entirely different ball games. However, because it is your car, the choice is entirely up to you.

What Sports Car You Rather Live With, a Subaru WRX or a Golf GTI?

Okay, we won’t speak about the cargo room since the Golf is a hatchback, and hatchbacks have much more trunk space. While it is an obvious victory for the GTI, you must go further to get the full picture.

Both vehicles have lots of space in the rear and cockpit, so you don’t get that cockpit sense you get in other hot hatch models. And both have excellent safety standards that would make you feel at ease driving in the dark on the interstate with a yelling carload of kids.

If fuel economy is essential to you, go for the GTI, but if you like the WRX, you’ll be pleased with the Subaru’s 12.8 L/100km combined fuel efficiency.

In the end, though, it all comes down to personality. That is all up to you. While the GTI has an edge in what is desired of you, the WRX pushes you to your limits.


If you still need to add up the points for the Subaru WRX, it’s already a victory for WRX.

And it is well-earned. The new vehicle has seen a lot in its short existence, and if it lacks “poshness,” it more than compensates for it with audacious speed and a blunt attitude. And, although the GTI will continue to dazzle, its lack of power and general predictability, which have served it so well for such a long time, is likely its downfall.

By Rehan

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