26 Best Valentine's Day Party Ideas - Valentines Day Party Themes

Did you know that up to 85% of the US population celebrate Valentine’s Day? From that number, 74% have plans to go out. Valentine’s is easily one of the most lucrative times of the year for drinking and dining establishments.

So, how can you host the perfect Valentine’s Day event at your bar? Let’s find out.

5 Ways To Ensure That Love Is in the Air at Your Bar

Here are some simple yet effective ways to transform your bar into a cozy cove for lovebugs and singles who are looking to mingle:

Set the Tone

Create a romantic ambiance by adding lovely touches to your bar:

  • Flickering candles for a warm and intimate glow
  • Table centerpieces with fresh flowers 
  • Pink and red-colored napkins
  • A playlist of soft melodies or live musicians to serenade couples

You can also design coasters, posters, and banners to fit the theme of your event. If you have limited design experience, PosterMyWall has all the required tools so you can easily make stunning visuals.

Use their Valentine’s Day templates to elevate your designs and make your bar’s logo on-theme for the special occasion!

Create a Special Menu With Cupid’s Cocktails

Enchant your patrons with specially crafted cocktails that will tantalize their taste buds and help get conversations started.

You can also add romantic touches to your cocktails by making them in different shades or adding heart-shaped ice to your drinks.

Consider sprinkling edible glitter over your beverages in celebration of Valentine’s.

Love Bites: A Delectable Valentine’s Menu

Like your drinks, you can create a special Valentine’s menu to commemorate the occasion. Add a whimsical touch to your main courses by molding items like pizzas or desserts into heart shapes. A self-serve dessert station with an array of sweet treats is another great way to set the mood for couples while encouraging singles to interact.

Think about changing your menu design by incorporating themed fonts, colors, and graphics that exude romance.

Create Photo Booths or Backdrops To Capture the Moment

Immortalize your special event by allowing patrons to snap pictures with memorable backdrops. You can use love-themed props and romantic backdrops for a pop-up photo booth. If you have the budget, set up an instant printing station so couples can take home a memento of their special date.

Create a special hashtag for your event, then encourage patrons to upload their pictures, use your hashtag, and tag your establishment.

By doing so, they can have a lovely reminder of the evening while your establishment receives some extra love on social media!

Themed Games and Prizes

You can make your event extra fun by hosting fun Valentine’s party games. They can be as energetic or as low-key as you wish.

To get people involved, offer fun prizes like keychains, coasters, and special discounts.

This will encourage patrons to participate while encouraging them to order more food and drinks.

Other Ideas for Your Valentine’s Day Event

The possibilities are endless when it comes to Valentine’s Day events. Here are other ideas you can implement:

  • Create a temporary dance floor if your bar doesn’t already have one.
  • Hire an artist to create portraits for couples.
  • Get a poet to write verses on the spot—just like the street poets of Paris!

You can really get creative with your event and offer patrons an exciting evening. These small touches can make your event stand out and put your bar on the map!

Final Thoughts

Creating a magical experience is a great way to establish your bar as the go-to destination for Valentine’s Day. Romantic decorations, a special menu, photo booths, and games will help you draw a big crowd while enjoying a profitable February 14.

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