A current research from best-selling writer Emma Johnson uncovered a exclusive professional to solitary moms who have a 50/50 plan with their co-guardian: they are a lot more possible to generate additional money!

Johnson performed the Single Mother Earnings and Time-Sharing Survey with 2,279 single moms to discover if there is a correlation amongst parental time sharing, income and improved total wellbeing. Produced on Jan. 11, the analyze demonstrated a sturdy connection in between earnings and a single mother’s parenting time.

image: Standsome Worklifestyle via Unsplash

Johnson discovered that moms with a 50/50 parenting schedules are 54 per cent far more probably to get paid at least $100,000 per year, in contrast to moms who have their children with them most of the time. Extra so, individuals with a 50/50 plan are much more than three times as probable to receive extra than $100,000 than a solitary mother with 100 p.c of time accountability.

As significantly as properly getting, the study also identified that the 50/50 program assisted 34 percent additional mothers to feel “awesome and happy,” compared with mothers who are 100 per cent accountable for their young children.

You can dig deep into the One Mom Cash flow and Time-Sharing Study listed here.

––Karly Wooden


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