Let’s have a look at MLM.

You can be a network marketer working with the traditional method to promote your product and your best MLM opportunity. No Internet marketing. You might do it the traditional way with direct marketing through your family, friends and your closer circle of influence. You can make business and product presentations with all the ups and downs you have to live with when you are your own boss.

But fast duplication comes with the Internet Marketing possibilities and converts your MLM opportunity into a business.

The Internet will tell you that successful network marketers need MLM training. You will read terms as “best attraction marketing methods, social marketing sites, value for your target market”.

Each term sounds good and professional. “Attraction, social and value” are understandable terms if you have to get close to other people.

Every good network marketer who wants to have success and be able to pay the bills needs to know about marketing and sales.

Because it is not about getting your product into every existing household by talking to everybody in this household. You will be burnt out after a month trying to do so.

Every existing household has to be split up into target markets. So you can focus on each target market at a time and you will know who you are talking to. For example, if you are working in a health and nutrition MLM company, your target market cannot be “overweight persons”. You have to fine tune it more.

Your target market can be moms who want to get rid of the little overweight after giving birth. Put yourself in their shoes. Your target market can be triathletes who need more energy and body mass. Your target market can be working women you are lacking time for extra sports and who want to get rid of 2-3kg. Put yourself in their shoes. Define your target market.

In order to get your word out to your defined target market which exists all over the world you might want to use the Internet. Because why should you be limited to your circle of family and friends? How many moms with some overweight after giving birth can you reach there? And how many of them might exist all over the world?

In order not to get lost out there you will have online marketing tools:

1. Provide Value writing articles, doing videos or video presentations
2. Attract your prospect with a gift like samples or a free training
3. Socialize on the social sites

It sounds easier now, right?

In order to make it even more easier, the Internet offers you the possibility to make yourself known all over the world and to distribute your message effectively.

Use the best keywords for your defined target market, use every idea you might have to attract the target group you chose. Therefore, and to be sure that you do not miss any good keywords, you may use the online marketing tools Internet offers:

1. Keywords trackers
2. Search engine optimisation

It sounds even more easy now, right?

And this is as easy as it can get.

My last tip for you is to choose a good Internet MLM trainer and your success curve will go up very fast and you will have your own success story to tell to the world.

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