SEO literally means Search Engine Optimization and the term was coined in the year 1997 as per expert Danny Sullivan. From website owners to consumers everyone is well aware of the term SEO. SEO optimizes ones website and helps in advertising your company on different online media platforms and search engines. SEO can be defined as a process which helps in increasing visibility of any website on any search engine using algorithmic or organic search results. SEO is not constraint to a particular segment but can help in optimizing images, videos, local news or in promotion of industry specific verticals.

What SEO does and how it works:

While marketing on internet the marketing experts try to understand the working style of the search engine and how the spider of search engine propels certain website on first page leaving the others unseen. Next step is to identify certain common words that a user searches for in relation to any specific domain. Third and one of the most important activities involves indexing of the keywords in a proper manner and quality content editing. Earlier Meta tags and ALIWEB were a guide to pages and with time it became obsolete because of its low reliability. Today density of keywords and its proper usability is something that makes a change and matters.

SEO in India:

India a country with low currency rates offer affordable and effective SEO benefits to clients across the world. When compared with European or other SEO writers, one can avail the services of Indian SEO professionals at much cheaper rates. Hence, clients from many countries try to outsource their work from Indian SEO writers. Indian Population density is one of the most important factor that has been a help in generation of SEO writers here. Along with this, people functional from India have a technical edge over people functional in the same domain in other nations. The second most important factor of SEO and IT related works in India is the IT norms of the country and regular up gradations in the technical aspects of the same.

Cheap SEO

When talked of understanding the facts about SEO than a professional SEO writer becomes an expert in writing SEO oriented text in 4 to 5 years journey as a SEO writer. This duration actually allows him to understand what a client search for and what can he think while making a search. SEO is something which can’t be defined as cheap or costly but it completely depends upon the writer who create a document and his understanding of the keywords. To make a website reach the mark of being first in the search engine or to be on the very first page it takes a long time of about an year or more. Now everything depends on the website owners’ patience that is he willing to invest such a long time in gaining a position in the web market. The second question that arises is what is his willingness all about to earn more than the investments’ made in terms of time and capital? Or something else!!! The third and the most effective thing is how competitive your market is, as everything depends on outranking the competitors, which may take a lot of time and this can be done only if one knows their target audience, their demography, buying habits and others.

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