Saving money: What do the old people have to say?

This blog is containing all the details on personal finances and how to save money, also what is the old peoples’ perspective about saving. Have a look at it.

Managing personal finances is a tough deal and it includes managing incoming money, profits, or investments and how to save money you saved or going to save in the future. There must be balance in finances, as the earning and expenditures must be equal or earning must be more so you can save money every month, which you can use in the later part of life i.e., retirement.

Seniors can give the best financial advice as they have lived the life and are well experienced, either it is related to business life like financing, investments, and loans or regarding family and friends.

This blog contains some of the financial advice of old people on how to save money. Go and give it a  read.

How to save money?

Make a budget

A budget is a written document containing detailed financial plans, including revenues, cash flows, expenditures, investments, and liabilities, made yearly or monthly basis. Once you made a budget, you get an idea of how much money you can save. Budgeting helps you take notice if a slight imbalance appears in any plan, and you can easily cope up with an alternative plan.


Investment is a form of saving but it is more profitable in long-term planning.  Allocate specific money every month solely for investment purposes. The money you gain as a profit can be reinvested and thus the money will be doubled slowly. Find new ways of investment and do multiple investments so your money grows.

Set goals

Make a monthly goal related to expenses. Make a list of things which you want and then separate the things you really need. Don’t over-burden your budget by buying an unnecessary canned tomato jar and a bottle of milk. Also be sure to stick around your goals and then at the end of the month, do budgeting.

End your loans

End your loans and debt as soon as possible. Your investments and savings are of no use if you have a large sum to pay as a loan or debt. All of your efforts will go in vain if your hard-earned profit is used to pay a bank loan. Also, try to pay loans and debts in one go as it will decrease the interest rate and you won’t have to pay high interest on a simple educational loan you took for your studies.


In recent times, it is difficult to save money and balance the finances. You must focus on your financial plans, so you have some money saved at the end of the day when you are living a retirement life in your small cottage. This blog describes the ways old people suggest saving money such as budgeting, investment planning, setting goals, and ending loans and debts.