It’s easy to influence people if you know how to apply the psychology of persuasion. In this article, I’ll show you some instant persuasion strategies to persuade prospects to become buyers – utilizing current trends and their passions.

Ready to use the power and psychology of persuasion to sell more products and get what you want from others? Read on…

Instant Persuasion Using Trends

If you can associate your product with the hottest trend, then you’re bound to achieve great success.

When a well-known international Olympic event takes place, you will notice sponsors associating their product with the occasion. You’ll see them paying handsomely to have the right to claim that their product is the “official shoes” or “official drink” of that Olympic event.

This psychology of persuasion is effective because of the law of association. You associate your product with something that’s currently hot or in-demand.

You don’t have to pay an expensive price to associate yourself with the trends though. You can simply put information about the trend in your sales message that associates it with the product. For example, you can say something like:
“If Mr. ABC mentors you, you’re on your way towards becoming the Harry Potter of life coaching.”

Associate yourself, your company, your product or service with the current hottest trends. Some websites will notify you when new trends or stories emerge.

They include:

In order to save time, you may subscribe to their RSS feeds so you may be alerted automatically when buzz-worthy stories arrive.

Instant Persuasion Using Passions

Your friend loves magic, and you’re selling a course about how to earn money on the internet. You can incorporate the 2 themes together so your material can be associated with their passion. You can say something like “This Houdini internet marketing course allows you to magically escape the rat race by teaching you step-by-step how to earn big profits online at the shortest time.”

Again, this persuasion technique associates your product with your prospect’s passion. It’s important to build rapport with him first, and of course, know his values so you’ll have a clue on what his passions are.

To know his values, you can ask questions like:

“What’s most important to you about (attending this event, buying this
course, etc.)”

“What do you value in a (business, car, etc.)?”

Now that you know how to apply the psychology of persuasion using trends and passions, how will you use this knowledge to succeed in your ventures? Here’s a tool you can use to predict the potential popularity and origin of a trend:

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