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Olive cat
Olive offering me that seem right before she jumps in my lap.

It was 4 a.m. when Olive jumped on the bed. She does this most mornings to catnap on my husband’s upper body. Nonetheless, this early morning she missed and landed on his deal with.

My husband howled and ran into the lavatory, his deal with dripping blood. Olive obtained his nose, higher and decreased lips and chin with her polydactyl claws. His face is a mess.

Later on, I went to swim laps and the lifeguards informed us to get out of the pool due to lightening.

My husband was out on errands when the automobile wouldn’t start out. He had to wait 90 minutes for AAA.

I was at residence stunned how the shiny sunny working day experienced turned into thunder, lightning, pouring rain and monster winds. There had been tornadoes in Flagstaff — two hrs away.

Heading back again home immediately after AAA changed the battery, my partner called and said he was in a haboob!

I googled it and informed him to pull around promptly. Every little thing I study said NOT TO Push. Here’s a online video of the haboob.

He claimed he was driving by it. There ended up trees on the freeway. Anyone was likely under 40 mph and had their flashers on.

After he drove out of the haboob he ended up in a flash flood.

My stress went into overdrive. He made it home properly — ultimately.

Have you at any time experienced one of people times?

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