Rep. Monthly bill Huizenga wrote on his social media this week: “Election integrity is paramount.” I assume every American would agree with that. I unquestionably do. Still his actions betray his words and phrases.

He, along with 105 other Republican colleagues in the Home, is refusing to take the final result of our democratically held presidential election by joining what has been identified as a “legally indefensible” lawsuit by Texas against four other states, such as Michigan.

This hard work goes versus the findings of quite a few judges, which include Trump appointees, in opposition to the judgment of secretaries of condition across the region (from equally get-togethers), against the findings of Lawyer Basic Bill Barr, and even from the conclusion of the Supreme Court.

The statements of fraud have been disproven. There was no fraud. Joe Biden won. Nevertheless Bill simply cannot acknowledge it. He suggests, “Election integrity is paramount” although participating in a blatant endeavor to overturn the will of American voters and steal an election. That is as undemocratic as it will get. How can he use individuals words, whilst producing these actions?

I figured out this 7 days that back in 1864, President Lincoln delivered a speech noting that equally sides in the Civil War claimed to be combating for “liberty.” Each individuals preventing to go away the union and help slavery, and individuals fighting to keep the union and end slavery. How could both equally sides declare to battle for liberty?

Lincoln explained it with a parable. If a wolf was attacking a sheep and the shepherd stopped it, the sheep would thank him as a liberator. The wolf, nonetheless, would say the shepherd was limiting his liberty. He is no longer totally free to do as he pleases. Lincoln concluded by stating we have to repudiate the wolf’s dictionary and share the sheep’s definition of liberty. This parable is as applicable and vital to recognize today as it was around a hundred many years ago, most likely even extra so.

Now, two sides are proclaiming to fight for no cost and reasonable elections and seeking to prevent fraud. Only 1 side can be accurate. Just one side’s definition has been upheld extra than 50 instances by courts throughout the place at all concentrations with judges of just about every political stripe. The other facet is using the wolf’s dictionary.

It is time for individuals who enjoy this region to repudiate the wolf’s dictionary. That incorporates Invoice Huizenga.

— Bryan Berghoef is the pastor of Holland UCC, and lately was the Democratic prospect for Congress in Michigan’s 2nd District.