Social media consumers and some conservative commentators have not too long ago shared posts that declare President Joe Biden utilised an offensive and derogatory slur.

In the title of a Fb online video, a pair of conservative commentators acknowledged as the Hodgetwins assert Biden stated a racial slur. A YouTube movie that attracts on the identical clip of Biden speaking states the identical in its headline.

These posts had been flagged as section of Facebook’s endeavours to overcome false information and misinformation on its Information Feed. (Study additional about our partnership with Fb.)

The video clip footage of Biden in the posts is reliable, from a Feb. 19 address Biden gave at a digital assembly of the Munich Protection Convention. During the speech, Biden, who has a stutter, stumbled in excess of the phrases “I’m keen to listen to.” The third time he explained eager, it sounded like he put an “n” at the front of “keen.”

This is what the posts are referring to as a racial slur.

You can hear it at the 16:32 mark in this C-SPAN video clip, when Biden said: “Seem, the variety of challenges Europe and the United States will have to choose on with each other is wide and complicated. And I’m keen to hear, I’m keen to hear, I’m keen to hear up coming, from my fantastic pals and excellent leaders, Chancellor Merkel, about her feelings on the way ahead.”

A transcript of Biden’s remarks printed by the White House reflects this: “And I’m eager to listen to — I’m keen to listen to — I’m eager to listen to subsequent from…” 

About 2 minutes and 55 seconds into their movie about the stumble, one of the Hodgetwins acknowledged that Biden was not seeking to say a racial slur: “Hey, Joe, you can at least apologize, male. I imply I know you didn’t deliberately say it but how do you get confused with the phrase eager…?”

But for social media consumers clicking through their feeds and seeing headlines that say the president explained a racial slur, that context is lacking. 

Biden, who has a speech disorder, stumbled about the terms “I’m eager.” 

We amount the assert that he mentioned a racial slur Phony.