Is Germany the birth of minimalist style?

Ashley S. Crofoot

The earth has been destroyed over because of human daily activities, human tend to satisfy their wants instead of their needs. A minimalist lifestyle is a great way of protecting the earth which we live in, one is being surrounded by fewer item. The less production of things, the less polluted our planet would be. 

The word minimalism became popular in the 1950s in New York through Frank Stella an artist who turned away from gestural arts to black paintings, although the Europeans always minimalist even before the name became official. Europeans predominantly focus on a simple lifestyle, Germany being a European country, also practice a minimalist lifestyle but the origin of minimalism cannot be traced to Germany.

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The lifestyle of most Europeans is simple, they live in smaller rooms which gives an illusion of appearing to be spacious due to the type of furniture, the colour of the room and tidy area. White or light colours are mainly used in the design of a minimalist house to make it feel larger than normal.

Benefits of the minimalist lifestyle

The benefits of the minimalist lifestyle are discussed subsequently.

  • More freedom

As humans, we are all given an equal amount of time daily, 24 hours is what we get daily to achieve whatsoever we have planned for the day. A minimalist has a greater advantage to utilizing the time given, the reason being that, they have fewer things to attend to in a day and more time to be free.

  • More productivity

As a minimalist, you tend to spend minimal time on so many things in your daily life such as tidying the house, shopping, cooking, laundry and much more. This gives you more time to be productive in the relevant tasks thereby achieving greater output compared to others who are not minimalists. Minimalist tend to have more time to engage in an important aspect of their lives such as learning a new skill, writing a book and being creative.

  • Less stress

Shopping is usually stressful, having to move around different stalls to get items. Being a minimalist rids off unnecessary buying.

  • Spend less

One of the major benefits of being a minimalist is that you get to spend less money on unnecessary stuff, you can save up to plan for the future. People become broke from their lavish lifestyle of financial expenditure, a minimalist would hardly be broke. As a minimalist, you spend less using public transport instead of a private car.

  • Good for the environment

As earlier stated, the less production of stuff, the safer our environment is. Industries produce things daily just to satisfy the wants of humans instead of the need thereby causing more pollution in our environment.

  • Easier to clean

Being a minimalist, makes one acquire just what is needed thereby acquiring a few stuff at home. Having a few stuff makes it easier to clean. Having few items makes it easier to clean your minimal living space, you’ll just need to wipe fewer surfaces, hang few clothes, clean a small bathroom, wash fewer dishes and voila! You are done.

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