How to use a basketball shooting machine to become a better shooter?

Introduction: If you are driven by the passion for performing superbly on the glass and winning titles for your team in the big league, then definitely you have it in you. You just need to combine that passion and drive with dedication and relentless practice to achieve your target. The […]

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If you are driven by the passion for performing superbly on the glass and winning titles for your team in the big league, then definitely you have it in you. You just need to combine that passion and drive with dedication and relentless practice to achieve your target. The Ray Allen’s and the Steph Curry’s are not just born as basketball prodigies. Years of hard work and hours of relentless shooting drills have made them evolve as their teams’ prized possessions. When a mentor is coaching basketball shooting to his students, he also mentions that passion and merit are essential. Still, it is a practice that develops you as the perfect shooter in the game.

What is a basketball shooting machine?

A basketball shooting machine is a piece of technological offering that has proved its indispensability in the basketball training facility. Mostly, it is a piece of equipment that is pre-programmable and customizable to deliver the best and bespoke results to those who want to develop into a great shooter.

Whether a mentor or a guide is coaching basketball shooting or the players are just putting in the drills and reps, a basketball shooting machine has proved its worth. These automated tools collect the made and missed shots and redistribute them to the players at preset speeds and positions on the court.

Presently, several companies are churning out shooting machines. They could either be used as a facility basketball machine or installed in your home or backyard. Amongst these, Dr. Dish and Shoot-A-Way are the most notable ones. Though other companies are vying for the lion’s share of the basketball shooting machine market, the Gun variants from Shoot-A-Way and Dr. Dish shooting machines continue to dominate.

The Gun 6000, Gun 8000, and Gun 10k are some of the most prolific automated basketball shooting machines that have been instrumental in developing an amateur yet driven baller into the best shooter in basketball. The Gun 12k is the most high-tech amongst all the models released by Shoot-A-Way and is taking the world of basketball by storm! The Gun variants from Shoot-A-Way have earned accolades and recognition from leading basketball coaches worldwide.

How can a basketball shooting machine help you develop into one of the finest shooters of this sport?

Let’s face it. Technology is here to make certain things seamless and efficient and create standards that are not manually achievable. Sports technology is also encountering vigorous growth and witnessing disruptive innovation. In basketball, the development of pre-programmable, automatic basketball shooting machines has proved it beyond doubt. These days, no basketball shooting facility is complete without a basketball shooting machine.

But do they really help you develop into the best shooter in basketball?

Let’s analyze the matter profoundly.

●    A basketball shooting machine will ensure more efficient shooting practices:

Pro ballers who are respected as the best shooters in the top leagues make at least 1500 to 2000 shots per week. Yes, the form shooting drills and the various kinds of shooting workouts dominate their practice sessions. Putting in lots of repetitions is fundamental to their success as prolific shooters.

Wondering how a facility basketball machine can radically increase those? Well, when you are shooting at a hoop, there are several instances where you will miss. Developing your shooting form or generating the ‘flow’ and staying in it does not happen overnight. Hence, every missed shot will amount to some extra time wastage, as you will have to go and collect the ball and then get back to your shooting position for the next shot.

A basketball shooting machine simplifies all that effort. It helps you concentrate only on one aspect- shooting. The rest of the menial labor is not for you. The basketball shooting machine installed in your basketball training facility will collect all the made and missed shots and redistribute them at your preferred court positions. Thus, you can put in more reps efficiently within a stipulated time. When your compatriots are putting in ten hours in the facility, you can achieve the same level of practice in a quarter of the time with the help of a shooting machine like the Gun by your side!

●    A basketball shooting machine will ensure quality practice:

When it comes to becoming the best shooter in basketball, you need to amplify your shooting percentage. Apart from correcting your stance and techniques instrumental to shooting successfully, you need to perfect your alignment, arc, and depth. Suppose a player starts with lousy alignment and continues putting in thousands of reps in the practice sessions. In that case, he is doing more harm to his shooting form and basketball career than good.

With a basketball shooting machine like the Gun, you can ensure quality practice sessions. The Gun variants are pre-programmable and enable you to access a lot of customizations. These shooting machines not only collect the balls and return them to the players at their preferred positions, but they also do so with a preset time and speed. In that way, each shot can be taken from different court positions and can be combined with some of the best shooting drills in basketball.

What’s more? The Gun variants from Shoot-A-Way enable you to shoot with a perfect arc, depth, and alignment. The collection net is adjustable to the extent that it will force the players to shoot with the perfect arc and depth from any court position. This technology enables the player to adjust instantly and continuously improve and build flawless muscle memory.

●    A basketball shooting machine ensures performance tracking:

Suppose you are not analyzing your past mistakes and working on them. In that case, you cannot develop into the best shooter in basketball. It requires logging your made and missed shots, analyzing the shooting percentage, understanding the technical fallacies and the shortcomings.

With a facility basketball machine like the Shoot-A-Way Gun that harnesses the power of data analytics and machine learning, you can effortlessly track and monitor your performance. You can even integrate the shooting machine with your mobile devices and smartphones so that you get real-time data about your shooting performance. In this way, you can continuously improve and become a better shooter than you were before.

Closing thoughts:

Thus, a facility basketball machine is an indispensable piece of equipment instrumental in carving out professional ballers who are impeccable shooters from driven and passionate amateurs.

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