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It is one thing to purchase a built-in refrigerator and another to handle it the way it should. Your built-in refrigerator’s lifespan is as much dependent on your maintenance as it is on the specification. If you properly maintain your built-in refrigerator, it will serve you for as long, if not longer, than expected. 

However, poor handling of your refrigerator would ultimately lead to problems developing. The following are a few ways you can maintain your built-in refrigerator.

Check The Temperature Regularly

It is crucial to the health of your refrigerator that you check its temperature regularly. You want to avoid a situation where the fridge runs either above or below capacity, as this would eventually cause problems. It is not uncommon for you to open your refrigerator and notice its temperature has changed, which is why you need to check it regularly to reset the temperature.

The temperature of your refrigerator should be between 36-40 degrees Fahrenheit, while the freezer should be on 0. Any other temperature would require resetting.

Check The Door Seal Regularly

After a while of use, your refrigerator door seal becomes loose. A loose refrigerator door seal is problematic as it means air is getting out of the fridge. An air leak would automatically mean that the refrigerator is overworking itself. You can test your refrigerator door seal by placing a money note on the door and closing it. If the money slides down, your door seal is loose, so you need to fix it.

You want your built-in refrigerator to work smoothly because this would inevitably lead to the fridge developing faults.

Clean Your Refrigerator Out Regularly

You must regularly clean up your refrigerator if you want to maintain it properly. After storing food, your food tends to either stain the fridge or get to places it ought not to go. A regular clean-up would ensure that food items aren’t getting to places where they shouldn’t be, as that would cause problems for the fridge.

A regular clean-up also allows you to detect easily when and if your fridge built in has developed faults.

Keep It Full

You must keep your refrigerator full even if you cook infrequently. Being underused can also be problematic in the case of refrigerators. If you don’t have food items to place in the fridge, then water bottles would work fine in keeping it full.

Ensure you regularly maintain a total capacity in your refrigerator, which will help it function at its full capacity for a long time.


The best way to make your built-in refrigerator last as long as you want is to treat it with utmost care. The tips are the best way to show your refrigerator the love it needs to keep functioning for as long as you need. There are a lot more methods to maintain your built-in refrigerator.

Ensure that your maintenance is regular and that your built-in refrigerator will function at its capacity for a very long time.

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