How To Connect With Others & Build Trust Over Time | Mindwell NYC

Creating connections with people you just met is challenging, especially if you just started a new relationship with a person you don’t know very well. It can be hard to build stronger connections and build trust if you don’t know how to.

Well, ask yourself, do you know how to connect with others and build trust over time? First, you should know that there are different ways to do this, in a relationship, in the workplace and with family. It is also important to create strategies that will be useful in building relationships.

As you try to connect with other people, you should also look deeper into yourself as this can have a great impact on how you create relationships with others and can affect how you build trust.

How Do You Build Trust with Others?

Trust is essential in order to have a strong connection in any relationship whether it be at work, in a romantic relationship, with friends or family. Without trust, it is hard to act as yourself and there can be a lack of security in the relationship as you feel that you are not safe. 

3 Ways to Build Trust with Others

  1. Effective communication

One of the main reasons that relationships break off is the lack of effective communication. Bad communication can lead to misunderstandings and in turn can lead to fights and contention with each other. 

To build trust you need to have an open flow of communication in which you are free to voice out your thoughts, feelings and opinions to each other without hidden agenda or judgement. 

Once you have established a great line of communication, you will be secure in the relationship because you trust that both of you know each other very well as you communicate effectively with each other. 

  1. Be patient

There is a saying that goes, “Rome was not built in a day” meaning it takes time to do something and you should not rush it, same with building trust. Trust between people cannot happen quickly so you have to be patient for it to build, even as little by little over time.

Forcing something to happen will not make it happen as you want it to as you can’t control the thoughts and feelings of others. Be patient, and instead be true to yourself and be consistent in your actions and words with others and trust will naturally happen. 

  1. Don’t take relationships for granted

Oftentimes that a trust is broken or not built is that we take for granted our relationship with other people. Take the time to look at your relationship with the people closest to you, your close friends, family and work colleagues, sometimes it is easy for you to take for granted the precious relationship that you have with them. 

Even if you have known them for a long time still, try to remember that for any relationship to work, both must put in the effort for it to remain strong. If they see you do your part in making the relationship healthy, taking the time to be with them and cherishing that connection and being consistent about it, trust will always be present. 

How to Build Trust in the Workplace

  1. Be honest

No one likes a person who is fake and dishonest with them, especially in the workplace. Be honest with your colleagues and leaders as they will see that you are genuine in your dealings and words with them. 

  1. Walk the talk

In the workplace, everyone is always observing their colleagues and especially their managers and or team leaders, and if they see that you are not doing what you are preaching then, they will not be inclined to trust that you will be true to your word. 

  1. Trust others

In order for your colleagues to trust you, you must trust them first. When both parties trust each other, it is easy for a team to be stronger as you motivate and build each other up in all the things that you go through. 

Activities to Rebuild Trust in a Relationship

  1. Go to therapy  

If you had relationships that trust was broken and you find it hard to see it in your heart to trust again, there is always room for you to ask for help, try trauma based therapy NYC in order for you to to build relationships and trust others again. 

  1. Communicate

One great way to rebuild trust is to communicate. There may be misunderstandings or feelings and thoughts left unsaid so communication is key in rebuilding any relationship.

  1. Spend time together again

Any activity where you spend time is great as both of you will see that you will give the other a second chance to rebuild that trust and try again. It can be a favorite activity such as going on dates, cooking, and in general spending time in each other’s company.