The man or woman inquiring the query mentioned that they have a substantial volume of press releases that have amassed inbound links from high authority internet sites, presumably from web sites like information web pages and other web sites that may be vital to the market.

The query revolves on how to reorganize the web site so that the entire press launch segment is blocked off from Google but in a way that the web site could however advantage from the inbound links from the “significant authority” web sites.

“…We have a web page with a big variety of press launch web pages.

These are pretty old…they have amassed a significant amount of money of backlinks but they really don’t get any targeted visitors.

But they are pretty high authoritative domains pointing to them.”

The issue ongoing:

“I was thinking… we can go it to an archive. but I even now would like to benefit from the Web optimization energy these web pages have constructed up more than time.

So is there a way to do this cleverly… going them… to an archive… but then still… advantage from the Search engine optimisation electricity these internet pages have built up in excess of time?”


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There is a lot to unpack in that question, specially the aspect about the accumulation of back links to a segment of the internet site and the “SEO power” individuals webpages have to distribute all over.

There are several Website positioning theories about links mainly because it’s unclear how Google makes use of them.

The word “opaque” implies something that is not transparent and will make it difficult to see something evidently.

Google is not only opaque about how they use hyperlinks, but the way they use backlinks is evolving, just like the rest of their algorithms. That further complicates forming ideas about how inbound links basically get the job done.

Googlers have produced statements about some of these concepts, like the strategy of backlinks conferring so-known as authority to entire domains (Google’s John Mueller reaffirms that Google does not have a area authority metric or signal in use at Google).

So from time to time it’s best to hold an open thoughts about back links in get to be receptive to data that may counter what is commonly approved as true, specifically if there are various statements from Googlers that contradict those people thoughts.


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John Mueller paused to consider in advance of answering the problem about ideal way to advantage from “SEO power” of outdated one-way links.

Screenshot of Google's John Mueller answering question about SEO Power of links

Then he mentioned:

“I indicate, you can just redirect them to a various component of your internet site.

If you have an archive area for this sort of older material, which is quite frequent, then… shifting the articles there and redirecting the URLs there, that fundamentally tells us to ahead the links there.”

The individual inquiring the problem reported that some of the articles required to be there for authorized explanations and that Google does not have to obtain these internet pages all the time.

He mentioned that he was considering disallowing the folder that contained the net pages.

Disallowing suggests blocking look for engines from crawling certain internet pages working with the Robots.txt protocol, which lookup engines are obliged to obey.

Robots.txt is a way, between quite a few things, to convey to search engines which web pages not to crawl.

His stick to up concern was:

“Will this also suggest that the designed-up Search engine marketing Electrical power will be ignored from that place onward?”

Google’s Mueller closed his eyes and tilted his head up, pausing a instant right before answering that problem.

John Mueller Paused Before Answering Concern about Search engine marketing Energy of One-way links

Screenshot of Google's John Mueller answering question about SEO Power of links

John reported:


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“So possibly we would presently instantly crawl less if we understand that they are significantly less pertinent for your website.

Not the situation that you will need to block it completely.

If you ended up to block it fully with robots.txt, we would not know what was on those webpages.

So primarily, when there are loads of external backlinks pointing to a site that is blocked by robots.txt then at times we can continue to demonstrate that page in the look for final results but we’ll demonstrate it it with a title based mostly on the backlinks and a textual content that says, oh, we really don’t know what is basically listed here.

And if that web site that is currently being joined to is some thing that is just referring to far more content material inside of your website, we would not know.

So we can’t, sort of, indirectly forward all those inbound links to your most important material.

So that’s anything where if you see that these internet pages are significant sufficient that individuals are linking to them, then I would try out to stay away from blocking them by robots.txt.
The other factor form of to preserve in brain, also is that these sort of push launch pages, matters that gather in excess of time, usually the style of inbound links that they catch the attention of are a extremely time-constrained type of detail, wherever a new web site will backlink to it the moment.

And then when you seem at the range of inbound links, it may possibly glance like there are plenty of backlinks in this article. But these are really previous information content which are in the archives of all those information web pages, effectively.

It is also type of a indication, nicely, they have inbound links but those inbound links are not very handy because it is so irrelevant in the meantime.”


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Search engine optimisation Electric power of Back links?

It is noteworthy that Mueller refrained from talking about the “SEO power” of links. As a substitute he centered on the time relevant high-quality of the links and the (deficiency of) usefulness in terms of relevance for aged news associated inbound links.

The Web optimization community tends to consider of information linked one-way links as remaining helpful. But Mueller referred to “really old news articles” as becoming in archives and also staying a sign that those hyperlinks are not practical since of relevance challenges.

In normal, information has time-based relevance. What was related five several years back may well not be as handy or related in the current.

So in a way, Mueller seemed to be indirectly downplaying the idea of “SEO power” of backlinks for the reason that of troubles related to where by people hyperlinks ended up coming from (archived news) and since of the passage of time generating individuals one-way links fewer handy mainly because they are referring to a matter that might not be evergreen but was of the moment, a minute that has now handed.


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Look at the Google place of work several hours hangout: out?v=lTIR8hM5pbw