Brushing immediately after consuming acidic foods can be harmful to the enamel

Brushing right away after consuming acidic foodstuff can be hazardous to the enamel

Wholesome enamel and gums will brighten your smile, states Sam Wylie-Harris.

It really is been instilled in us due to the fact day dot: brushing your enamel twice a day will help keep the dentist absent.

But it can be straightforward to go overboard on the brushing, fret about staining, or make silly – and probably destructive – blunders.

To brighten your smile, specialists share some of the typical oral health blunders you may be generating – and how to fix them…

1. Not cleaning in amongst tooth

“Brushing only cleans three out of the 5 tooth surfaces,” says Anna Middleton, founder of London Hygienist (

“Nevertheless, interdental cleaning with floss or brushes allows avoid tooth decay and gum condition, which can take place when meals and plaque are remaining lodged in between tooth.”

If you have the place in between your tooth, Middleton suggests to choose for interdental brushes, and normally use the major measurement possible – you may need extra than one dimensions.

“If your teeth are limited alongside one another, dental floss is recommended. Do this at the time a working day, if possible at evening and in front of the mirror.” And if you despise flossing, why not attempt a water flosser?

2. Only brushing the teeth and not the gums

“Numerous of us ignore to brush our gums when we brush our teeth,” claims Middleton – but it really is important, “Because this is exactly where plaque will sit”.

Her pro suggestion? “When applying an electrical toothbrush, place the bristles versus the tooth at a 45-degree angle toward the gum line. Hold the deal with carefully with a mild grip, and only utilize light stress. Glide the brush across your enamel and gums carefully, permitting your brush to do most of the get the job done.”

3. Not brushing long more than enough

“Brushing your enamel is one of the most essential duties we do each working day, but some of us will not dedicate more than enough time to it,” states Dr Theo Sioutis, dental director of personal healthcare agency My Health care Clinic (

“Hurrying the task signifies you may well miss surface area regions – such as in between the enamel or along the gum line, foremost to plaque and microorganisms create-up, and jeopardizing prolonged-term troubles this sort of as cavities and gum disease.”

It is really an easy correct, with Sioutis declaring: “Brushing your teeth for two minutes, two times a working day, building positive you do not overlook the more challenging-to-attain places, should really assure you take out all of the plaque and germs that can if not build up.”

4. Brushing as well tough

“It can be difficult to discover the appropriate total of strain to utilize when brushing our teeth, and brushing too tough is a typical miscalculation that can have detrimental implications,” claims Dr Honar Shakir of non-public dental organization Banning Dental Team (

“More than-intense brushing can little by little erode the enamel of our enamel and lead to gum economic downturn, potentially exposing nerves and roots.”

If you sense your teeth becoming more delicate or your gums get started receding, Shakir states it could be a indication you want to apply much less strain. To deal with this trouble, he suggests keeping the toothbrush with just 3 fingers, or switching to a brush with softer bristles.

5. Not changing your toothbrush

As Shakir factors out: “The bristles on your toothbrush turn into splayed and less successful more than time, that means they cannot tackle the more durable-to-attain places this kind of as concerning the tooth.

“Germs can also develop into a difficulty when a toothbrush has been made use of for way too extended.”

Authorities recommend switching your toothbrush or brush head at minimum every 12 to 16 weeks.

6. Brushing at the mistaken instances

Dr Azad Eyrumlu of Banning Dental Team suggests that when you brush your enamel is very important.

“For illustration, brushing instantly just after consuming acidic food items this sort of as espresso or orange juice can be harmful to the enamel, as you might be efficiently brushing the acid onto your enamel,” he points out. “Your mouth demands time to deliver saliva to neutralise the acid, and make it secure to brush yet again.”

Eyrumlu suggests: “Test to hold out at the very least 30 minutes following consuming acidic food items or drinks just before brushing.”

7. Making use of the improper form of electrical toothbrush

There are a lot of unique styles of electrical toothbrushes, but Middleton suggests the most effective are “rotary/oscillating heads and sonic vibration heads”.

She carries on: “Rotary/oscillating heads are small and spherical, rotating in a single path and then the other, just one tooth at a time to sweep plaque absent. Often these heads pulsate, far too.

“Sonic heads vibrate at specified superior speeds and frequencies to crack down plaque, as well as agitate the toothpaste and fluid in the mouth to cleanse between teeth and together the gumline.”

She states each these sorts will eliminate more plaque than a handbook toothbrush, and indicates avoiding battery-operated toothbrushes. “They are not productive and the tendency to ‘scrub’ with one particular stays, which can lead to destruction of the gums,” she provides.