It is no longer news that Christmas is a big deal in Denmark and other parts of Scandinavia. Some people in the region get into a festive mood as early as mid-November and throughout the year. Online reviews in Denmark have shown that these periods are filled with partying, drinking, eating, visiting family and friends, and fun places. It is always the hygge way for the Danes.

The Scandinavian country is also known for its alluring Christmas decorations, which you can’t find elsewhere. Therefore, if you are in Denmark or living in a different country but want to decorate your home this Christmas the Danish way, here is a guide to help you:

Use bright colors

Although the Danes are known for their simplistic approach to styling, Christmas decorations in Denmark feature bright, shiny colors. Therefore, ensure you have lots of red, green, gold, silver and blue popping around your home from your Christmas tree to ornaments hanging on the wall. Bright colors will ensure your Christmas doesn’t go dull.

Buy Julehjerter and Julestjerner

These are woven heart and star shapes that you can add as part of home décor and in keeping allegiance with the Danes. Interior design in Denmark features these shiny bits. And one good thing is that they come in various shapes, colors and sizes. Therefore, aside from adding them to your Christmas tree, you can hang them on walls and ceilings. You can easily get them in Denmark or other Scandinavian regions.

Don’t leave your table empty and unattractive

The Danes don’t leave their tables bare during Christmas. Julefrokost (Christmas lunch) is a party usually organized by friends and families and is a major highlight of the festive season. If you intend to host such gatherings where eating will be the main order of the day, you would want your table to be part of the attraction, not just the food.

Therefore, Danish tablecloths, porcelain dishes, and a Danish Christmas bell are some items you can add to make your guests reluctant to leave your house. These items are remarkable for the creativity they exhibit in terms of color and design. They are also of high quality.

True Danish brands such as Royal Copenhagen, Benson Mills, Bing & Grondahl are some places where you can get most of these items. However, if you are in a different region, you can try brands that offer Danish-styled items, but they may not have exact quality and taste like those found in Denmark.

Danish Christmas candles and candleholders

The love for candles by Danes is well documented. Like the Danes, you can spice your home with remarkable Christmas candles and candleholders. The Christmas candles and candleholders in Denmark are of a different breed. They are of great quality, and the candleholders are known for their stylishness and durability. Georg Jensen and Biedermann and Son are Danish brands you should consider for your Christmas candles and candlesticks.


The Danes always love to stand out, and they do it effortlessly. Christmas decorations in Denmark are unique and can hardly be found in other places. Therefore, if you want your home to have a Danish feel this Christmas, the ideas above will help you achieve that.

By Rehan

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