It’s a devastating loss for “General Hospital” star Kelly Monaco as the soap star’s home in Sherman Oaks, California recently caught on fire while the actress was asleep.

But as one would never guess, the fire was sparked due to something as little as a cigarette butt that was discarded by a passerby. Who knew a minuscule act such as this would cause such a massive loss?

What bad luck on Friday the 13th, huh?

Monaco told TMZ she woke up Friday morning, May 13 to a fire raging in her front yard, with flames licking her windows and the flames quickly engulfed portions of her house. Though the actress was able to escape to safety, her house suffered significant damage due to the deadly fire.

According to TMZ, the blaze caused hundreds and thousands of dollars in damages to the home, and it won’t be livable for quite some time.

Security footage was later given to the authorities where arson investigators were able to determine the fire was started by someone tossing a lit cigarette butt on the empty lot next to her home and there’s a strong belief the incident wasn’t intentional.

According to US Magazine, in footage shared by the soap star, firefighters can be seen walking through the smoke as they worked to end the fire. The clip also showed how the raging blaze picked up steam after it was caused by a small spark.

It all sounds surreal to know that this could happen to anyone.

Now that the damage is already done, Monaco’s takeaway from this experience could only be summed up in one sentence – “Something as little as a cigarette butt can cause casualties and devastation.”

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