The one sticking point that many people who are involved in blog writing for their own sites face, however, is that regular blogging on relevant yet varied topics is a challenge; the difficulty is keeping them fresh and interesting without repeating content. The point of blogging is that it provides a consistent and relevant stream of new information for users, which can also be crawled by search bots and shared across social media. Here are some top tips on finding blog ideas that will not leave you dried up for inspiration down the line.

  • Be as specific as possible

Trying to make blogs as simple and as reader-friendly as possible not only helps with formulating ideas, but will also aid the reader; by making the writing more engaging it will attract more readers and help them to keep reading. Not everyone will know your area of expertise as well as you, so target specific areas and focus with pin point accuracy upon them. This will make the blog richer, and will also make sure you don’t overstretch ideas or baffle your audience.

  • Think about a series

Taking a concept and spreading it out over a series is a great way to bring repeat traffic to your website. Even voluminous Victorian novels were classically released in chunks over a period of time, as serialising prolonged the narrative and maintained interest. Bite-size bits of information are digested better, and allow you to go into greater depth about your chosen topic without losing readers in a haze of complication. Aim to get sufficient mileage out of an idea when blog writing without being condescending.

  • Use trending news stories in relation

Keeping up to date with developments and writing about them as they break is a proven SEO technique that will bring traffic to your blog by proxy. For example, as a website copywriter involved in online blog marketing, we look at scores of new studies and concepts relative for a particular business. Releasing a blog with tips or opinions will be of interest to readers and help get you shared across social media. If it is trending, then there is a higher chance of receiving an entire new source of visitors, links, and shares. This is a simple but effective technique that constantly provides new ideas.

  • Write about what you do best

If you are working in a particular field, day after day, then you will have specialist advice that you may be underestimating. You can show your expertise without drowning people in pompous talk, jargon or technical language. What sounds simple to you is mystifying to others; lay it out simply and engage.

  • Stick to proven formats

Top tips, opinion pieces, and insider guides are all great formats that work. If you are short on inspiration, think of four or five great tips and craft around them.

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