FDA Authorizes First E-cigarettes, Cites Benefit for Smokers

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently given authorization to several tobacco-flavored e-cigarette products from Logic Technology Development LLC. Are you in the e-cig industry? Who can help you with the most secure and cheapest e-cig merchant account in the space?

FDA Gave Green Light to More Electronic Cigarette Products 

E-cig products have been allowed to be available on the market for years. In 2020, the FDA asked the companies in the field to apply to the agency so that their products could remain on the market. 

The FDA has recently said that tobacco-flavored products offered by Logic Technology could be beneficial for adult smokers by being an alternative to traditional cigarettes. According to the agency, the potential benefit outweighs the risk that youngsters would start using them. 

Under a new law, the Food and Drug Administration can keep e-cigarettes and similar products with synthetic nicotine under its regulation. Based on the new change, the FDA will be able to hold e-cig companies offering products with synthetic nicotine to the same public health standards available for other tobacco products, as FDA Commissioner Robert Califf has noted. 

Based on the new law, companies have 30 days to register with the FDA and submit their products for review.

Electronic Cigarette Products: E-Cig Merchant Account 

The Food and Drug Administration has recently said it has already acted on about 99% of the around 6.7 million e-cig products received for authorization. This number also includes those that the FDA has denied (more than 1 million products). 

The denial has mainly to do with the fact that they had potential appeal to youngsters. According to anti-tobacco advocates, hopefully, the FDA will quickly act the same way for any applications submitted by Puff Bar and other manufacturers.

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E-Cig Merchant Account and FDA’s Authorization for More E-Cig Products

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recently authorized a number of tobacco-flavored vaping products offered by the company Logic. To get fast and easy access to reliable and low cost high risk payment processing services, work with a true high risk payment expert in the field.  

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