Yurim Gough has a solo exhibition ‘VainEgo’ at APT Gallery until finally 29th May well, supported by Arts Council England and curated by Lee Sharrock. Yurim talks to Lee about the procedure included in developing her stunning ceramics, and the emotional response of readers to ‘VainEgo’.  She also provides some perception into her new ‘Gender Fluid’ collection, which will be exhibited in ‘Esprits Libres’ at Fondation Bernardaud in Limoges, France, from June 2022 right until April 2023.

Yurim Gough

Lee Sharrock: Your solo exhibition at APT Gallery has provoked some emotional reactions from visitors, and some have been moved to tears.  How does it truly feel to see folks respond in this way to your perform?

Yurim Gough: I was not expecting it, but I am not astonished. The ‘VainEgo’ exhibition is manufactured from my expertise of owning breast cancer, it presents people today the oblique working experience by breaking down their emotions. It tends to make people confront my egos and their egos as well. No one is great, and it is ok not to be excellent. 

Yurim Gough ‘VainEgo’ at APT Gallery Sunday 29th May well 2022

When people come into the exhibition, singing bowls echo through the room, meeting me and my lifetime tales which are told by way of the 20 bowls. People today are moved by my stories and establish with the journey they inform. I have been legitimate to myself which is what offers the clearly show its energy. Another person requested ‘How many exhibitors make folks cry?’ I want to make men and women cry, ‘it’s ok to cry!’

VainEgo 20 (Marriage)

Lee Sharrock: You produced the ceramics, drawings, paintings, online video and images as a documentation of your journey from cancer diagnosis by way of treatment and recovery. For the duration of this journey, did you perspective the process of earning artwork about this period of your lifestyle as a variety of therapy, or did you always have a eyesight of exhibiting all the operate with each other in an exhibition?

108 VainEgo (Military of me)

Yurim Gough: I had a obvious eyesight when I started the VainEgo task 6 yrs in the past.

The APT gallery space is ideal for what I feverishly imagined the higher ceiling, pure white walls and expansive house. The art generating procedure was extremely therapeutic. When I was a child, I always played like an actor, the best memories ended up by myself.  The ‘VainEgo’ task is like that my psychological playground in which I yet again get pleasure from my performances. 

Lee Sharrock: The ‘VainEgo’ exhibition is deeply private and total of self-portraits in various formats.  Does it experience overpowering to see so quite a few Yurim’s exhibited together in a gallery place, or was it a cathartic encounter? 

VainEgo 2 (Paper Dolls)

Yurim Gough: Really appealing query, for the reason that when I was installing the functions, I felt exactly what you are inquiring. Looking at them, I realise it exhibits, 100’s of variations of me. They are my egos and viewing all the person Yurim’s on clearly show is interesting to me. Alan Watts explained “The conception of our selves is as a skin -encapsulated ego.”

Yurim and Curator Lee Sharrock

Lee Sharrock: In June a big museum present opens in Limoges and attributes ceramic bowls from your gender fluid collection.  Can you speak a bit about this new series?

Yurim Gough: The Gender Fluid collection is extremely particular. 4 incredible none-binary designs were being the topics for the ceramic bowls. For a extensive time I was fascinated by non-binary men and women since I at times see myself as genderless.  I am fascinated by their point of view and fantastic tastes in trend. I love building some thing on a topic that persons from time to time really don’t want to speak about!

Lee Sharrock: Your method of developing ceramic bowls and sculptures is quite distinctive, drawing instantly on to the ceramic, firing quite a few occasions at various temperatures, and making use of transfers and thread.  Can you explain the process and how you formulated it,or is it mystery?!

Yurim Gough: No solution! In the industry of science people share their discoveries in order to progress humanity. In artwork I don’t see why artists cannot share processes also!  My drawing fashion is one of a kind and can be effortlessly recognized. Creating a single bowl can take an complete thirty day period! It initially necessitates 5 to 6 moments firings.

Next, I draw designs are living, in entrance of me. I only use ceramic transfers to create the colourful photos. These visuals are from shots of the designs and abstract paintings made on an iPad. Eventually, I add threads, 3D printed areas, and gems. Go and appear at my YouTube video clips on my web site, it points out how I process my perform.

Lee Sharrock: What projects do you have coming up?

Yurim Gough: Just after the ‘VainEgo’ display I am likely to Limoges, France, for a ceramic group exhibition preview on June 16th. The clearly show is identified as ‘Esprits Libres’ and will be exhibiting at fondation Bernardaud by to April 2023. I will be exhibiting 9 ceramic bowls with portraits of gender fluid designs who have experienced a excellent affect on my perform. In July I will have a 2 day workshop in my Cambridge studio for lifetime drawing on ceramics, specialising in procedures I have designed as a result of my many years of function. 

For the duration of the 3rd and 4th weekends of July, my studio will be open up for the Cambridge open studios. And I have my to start with solo exhibition in my motherland – South Korea, from July 20th – August 9th at Gallery Teaum, Seoul. The Exhibition is termed ‘Emotion Machine’. It will investigate the representation of emotions through color and the isolation that hugely affected people’s life globally.


‘VainEgo’ is at APT Studios in London until finally Sunday 29th May possibly 2022.  Opening hours are Thursday to Sunday, 12-5pm: https://www.aptstudios.org

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