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Though round cut engagement rings are by far the most popular diamond shape for an engagement ring, why not try heart shaped diamond engagement rings? Hearts are the most popular symbol of love after all.

Heart shaped engagement rings would bring a lot of sentimental symbolism to how you may feel about your partner, mostly because of its heart ring design. Aside from that, heart cut engagement rings are considered a “fancy” cut because the sparkle and the brilliance are mostly at their maximum when finished. 

Plus, who else do you know has a heart shaped diamond ring? Not a lot of people get a heart shaped diamond ring. Getting a heart shaped engagement ring could perfectly symbolize the love you feel for your partner. The customization or personalization could symbolize the dedication that you have in that relationship.

With all that being said, here are some tips and tricks to help you customize the perfect heart shaped diamond wedding ring for the love of your life:

  1. The Basics

The Diamond cut is under the “fancy” diamond category, with the certain cut knows as a modified brilliant and is created within the same techniques as a round cut. It is seen that they have a similar number of facet counts and arrangements. Rough diamonds are cut into a heart shape. Cutting a heart shaped diamond ring requires a great amount of skill, though laser technology has made it easier. 

It is also important to remember that you have to make sure that whatever diamond you are using for your heart shaped diamond wedding ring is GIA certified and that it meets the standards of the cut and clarity that you are looking for.

  1. The Size

I know that you are being tempted to get the largest diamond with the biggest carat that your budget allows you but it is also important to consider that the heart hut diamond tends to lose brilliance the larger they get. Most heart shaped engagement rings come in between 1 and 2 carats.

The heart shape should look pleasing and balanced to the naked eye so the cut is also something you need to look out for. The cut of your heart shaped diamond ring around 0.9 or 1 length-to-width ratio, anything beyond would just make the heart look distorted.

  1. Ring Setting

There are a lot of ring settings to choose from, new technologies allow jewelers to design intricate designs. Make sure the ring setting that you choose fits the vision you have for your heart shaped diamond engagement ring. If you are having trouble, you could go and ask our jeweler for help, they would gladly assist you.

  1. Protect Your Heart Gemstone

Heart shaped diamond wedding rings usually require a unique setting, which is why it is important to ensure that your centerpiece is safe in its place. Your heart shaped engagement ring should support the 3 are the tip, and the two humps, which is why when you look up heart shaped engagement rings, they are usually set with three or five prongs.

You have to keep in mind that because of their pointed ends, a heart shaped diamond ring can catch on clothing and skin, especially if your partner is living an active lifestyle or uses their hands all the time. Maybe consider a setting that minimizes snagging.

  1. Accent Your Heart Diamond

Because it’s distinct enough because of the unique shape, with it not being the most traditional design, it is alright if you keep it the way it is. But if your partner loves bling, accent stones can add an extra touch to your heart shaped engagement ring. 

People usually go for the three-stone engagement ring. There are two accent diamonds on either side of the centerpiece. Make sure that the accents gemstones are in a more traditional side-stone cut like the round or trillion so it won’t distract the people looking at it from the heart diamond in the middle.

  1. Setting Colors

Colored gemstones create an even more whimsical and unique look, an advantage that you get when you choose to design a custom heart engagement ring. 

The color of the band will also affect the look and aesthetic of the ring greatly. Yellow gold is warm while silver tones of white gold or platinum are cool and sleek.

Finding the right ring to symbolize your love, dedication, and appreciation towards your partner. And I am sure that this heart shaped engagement ring that you have customized would showcase your love with one another through that romantic stone.

Are you looking for a place where you could customize and design a custom heart engagement ring? Shira Diamonds is the perfect place to design a custom heart engagement ring that’s personal, thoughtful, and expresses your love in every way.