Some of you may well have recognized new N’West Iowa Review workers writer Elijah Helton has quite the vocabulary, which finds its way into his tales.

I value Elijah’s zest for making use of exclusive text. Do I have to appear some of them up from time to time because I haven’t listened to of the word before? Sure, but I believe it adds to his tales.

This has also led me to wonder what would be some exciting text to see in a tale? Not shoehorned, but applied in the proper fashion. Elijah would be the particular person who would be capable to do that, even although some of the phrases listed underneath will almost certainly always be too challenging to function in.

So in this article are 5 words I would be elated if Elijah somehow identified a way to use them.

5. Bumbershoot

This is probably the easiest phrase Elijah can use and I am surprised it is not applied a lot more.

Bumbershoot is yet another phrase for umbrella.

Rain has been in the forecast all week and my bumbershoot has been in the automobile the entire time. I normally often have my bumbershoot in the auto.

See? Easy to use and it really is a lot more pleasurable than indicating umbrella. Granted umbrella can be a enjoyment term, also, I guess. Just as Rihanna has shown us.

I appear ahead to when Elijah works by using bumbershoot as an alternative of umbrella.

4. Cattywampus

Technically it is spelled catawampus, so I will consider both spelling of it.

The definition of the term, either way it is spelled, is not lined up or not organized properly. Or something that is organized diagonally. As an adverb, it can be employed like “We took a shortcut and walked catawampus throughout the field.”

Iowa has a variety of fields, of study course. Elijah was just at Getting Gardens and at some position, possibly they walked catawampus throughout the residence.

See, it can be uncomplicated to use. So now possibly I hope Elijah to use it sometime.

3. Onomatopoeia

This is one particular of my favored words and phrases that I learned about all through English in higher faculty.

Onomatopoeia is a noun. The definition is the development of a phrase from a sound associated with what is named (e.g. sizzle, pow, smash).

Now, this is simpler to use, granted nevertheless incredibly difficult. But supplied Elijah’s skill, I have comprehensive religion in him to obtain a way to use it.

2. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Unless of course Elijah is accomplishing a tale about Mary Poppins, I you should not see any way in which he can use it.

Do I need to use a spoonful of sugar to aid Elijah use the term? Who understands.

I was not even guaranteed it was a genuine word, just a person utilized in a film. Then I appeared at It is an adjective and is employed as a nonsense term by young children to express acceptance or to stand for the longest term made use of in English.

It truly is really nonsense that I would be ecstatic if Elijah applied this term.

1. Abibliophobia

This tops the listing for me due to the fact it refers to looking through.

Abibliophobia refers to anyone who is frightened of working out of matters to examine.

How will Elijah be equipped to operate this in? I don’t know, I have by no means run into a human being with abibliophobia, that I know of.

Perhaps it really is a profile Elijah writes on anyone but I am fairly sure I will not see this worked into a person of his works simply because of the rarity of it.

Except I assign him extra library stories …