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PWA was founded in 2012 to educate people on the principles of personal defense missions and self-defense. According to PWA’s parent business Advanced Security Technologies, most applicants desired work in the intelligence industry. Whether or not they have military experience, they have the fundamental skills required to be a system administrator. Along with training future protection workers, the PWA had a moral obligation to support any employment it could generate through the training program in the bodyguard school like PWA. 

A curriculum for a 104-hour program that would provide the information and credentials necessary to establish a successful future as a security officer was developed based on ASC’s years of expertise in the security industry. It was time to revise PWA’s mission statement once the campaign was a success. Future security employees also require training. Therefore PWA had a moral obligation to help place everyone who completed its training program. Finding meaningful employment was necessary for all PWA program participants, and maintaining a level of training over the minimal standard became the objective.

PWA creates the groundwork for the shift from the military to the educational sector as a veteran-run business. PWA’s setting helps soldiers transfer from the military’s black-and-white reality to the wide range of colors in the outside world, setting them up for academic success. Students have a greater knowledge of what is required to succeed intellectually after completing programs at PWA, enabling them to move to higher education institutions or start employment as security officers.

The Pacific West Academy is a very reputable school for security. There is a tremendous intensity in the curriculum that turns students become skilled security guards. They create contemporary warriors for a world that is constantly changing. The teachers are knowledgeable and disseminate their knowledge in a way that gives the students a sense of pride and control over their environment. The success of those who graduate from a good college to pursue careers in security is a testament to the commitment displayed by members.

Can a security guard ask for an ID?

Sometimes or sometimes not. Security guards ask for an ID if they do not know the person. 

The first step in seeking a career in security is earning a CA Guard Card. Our California Guard Card training program is AB2880-compliant and has received certification from the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). The following subjects will give you the fundamental knowledge you need to become a state-certified security officer. Everybody needs to start somewhere in the security profession. We think that everyone new to the industry should take our California Guard Card certification course.

The finest choice for you if you’re looking for bodyguard schools in California or Los Angeles is Pacific West Institute. Pacific West Academy was created to teach employees the fundamentals of physical security operations and shut protection. The parent business of PWA, Advanced Security Ideas, Inc. (ASC), discovered that the majority of applicants trying to get into the security industry, whether or not they had served in the militia, lacked the fundamental knowledge required to be a security expert.

The curriculum creates a 104-hour course that might provide the knowledge and credentials required to launch a lucrative career as a security officer, complemented by ASC’s years of experience in the industry. It had been time to update PWA’s mission statement due to the program’s success. It had been PWA’s ethical duty to assist in deploying any UN agency that had gone through its educational program in the Bodyguard schools. Training future security officers had not been enough.

The most prestigious and well-equipped foreign intelligence agency in Southern Golden State is Pacific West Academy, a licensed institution recognized by the Department of Education of the United States of America and accredited by (ACCET). This equality of opportunity confirms the excellent instruction PWA offers. All instruction is based on accurate information and a grasp of industry demands.

ASC is a pioneer and world leader in the sectors of private estate protection, specialist training, and government protection. ASC offers guidance and support to governmental, armed forces, and law enforcement organizations, as well as canine services, to include explosive and drug detection and combat following on a global scale. Retail, commercial, and personal security, government protection, administration and consultation for delicate high-profile events, crowd control, risk assessment, consulting, and executing reasonably priced defensive measures are all included in ASC’s operations.

Security officers work in a career that frequently puts them in danger. Furthermore, specific insurance coverage is essential due to the heightened hazards that security personnel must face. A security guard insurance policy needs coverage options for the risks, from protecting the people and assets employed to the guards and the business itself.

Security guards encounter a variety of threats.

Security personnel put themselves between potential dangers and the persons and assets they are paid to safeguard. The security officer profession entails a variety of specific risks. The most frequent risk is that security officers will be accused of using unnecessary force, leading to attacks and battery lawsuits. Another hazard is that a security officer won’t do their job properly, causing someone to get hurt or damage their property. False arrests by security personnel can also lead to legal problems and litigation. A security officer’s insurance coverage must consider every danger a guard experiences.

You will be qualified to work as a security officer if you receive a certification from Pacific West Institute. You can continue your education if you want to improve your career options. Our Bureau of Security and Investigative Services-certified program is the best option for getting off to a strong start.

California Security Guard Card Training Course

The Guard Card certification program is made to give you all the knowledge you need to start a career in the security sector. You will be able to earn certification by using all of the course material’s knowledge. Over time, it supports your fulfilling career as a security officer. Your education begins with a comprehensive explanation of the duties, accountability, and, most crucially, responsibilities of a security guard who has earned a California Guard Card. From there, you will learn the fundamentals of the position, including details about patrolling, handling paperwork, and even customer service abilities.

 The program also includes various topics to provide you with a comprehensive skill set. It will enable you to carry out your responsibilities as effectively as possible. You will be given instructions on administering first aid and thinking about terrorism and weapons of mass devastation. Without being daunting for beginners, this course is extensive and informative. A profitable security profession can attain by earning a California Guard Card certification. The knowledge you gain from this course will be useful to you throughout your profession.

Learners will gain:

  • Security officer obligations, responsibilities, and obligations.
  • Graduation with a California guard card qualification.
  • Policing, keeping records, performing simple first aid, and providing customer service.
  • Weapons of mass destruction and counterterrorism implications.


  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Unconvinced of all felonies and some misdemeanors (call for misdemeanor disqualifiers).
  • Pass an FBI and California DOJ fingerprint check.
  • Pass the written test.
  • Pass a test using the Sixteen Personality Factor Survey.

What is covered by a security guard coverage plan?

Multiple insurance options are required to address these particular risks, as well as others. It includes safeguarding security officers, customers, their belongings, and business vehicles. Security guards, for instance, are protected against civil liability relating to their services or negligence by professional liability insurance. Accuracy issues in their reporting are another example of this. Additionally, this can protect security personnel against legal actions stemming from allegations of negligence, mistakes, or omissions. General liability insurance protects the client’s property when a guard fails to secure a location and damages follow properly. Business auto insurance might provide greater coverage if security personnel drive corporate automobiles while performing their duties.

Different Courses Offered In Comprehensive Security Training Program:

CA BSIS Guard Card

Students can enroll in this security training program to start a career in security. It is regarded as the initial step for those willing to work in the security industry. The California Bureau of Security and Investigate Services has finished this course and certified it as having been completed (BSIS). Graduates are given this security officer certificate, which they may use to find better employment in the future.

Vulnerable Firearms Permit from CA BISI:

In the event of emergency fire, this course is highly helpful. This course provides a certificate for an exposed fire permit. It would be best if you had this permit with you at all times. Even if a person holds a license in the security industry but does not possess an exposed firearm permit, he is still prohibited from carrying a pistol, loaded or unloaded. Priority is given to permits, and carrying one while on duty is necessary.

Arrest and management:

The art of “Arrest and Control” is the most crucial and outstanding skill needed for security and self-defense. This training teaches the whole spectrum of conflict management techniques, including handcuffing suspects and criminals and managing them.

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