Blizzard Entertainment is getting ready to host its to start with digital BlizzCon exhibit this weekend, but it seems the developer may possibly have prematurely disclosed a number of of its surprises. Blizzard’s push web-site briefly experienced all the facts about the impending World of Warcraft: Shadowlands patch and the Planet of Warcraft Vintage: The Burning Campaign growth, according to a publish on Wowhead, and numerous posts on Reddit.

According to the leak, Shadowlands patch 9.1 will include a new zone that the Jailer has pulled into the Maw. There will also be a huge new dungeon, and a 10-boss raid that will take position in Torghast. Gamers will also have the possibility to united all 4 of the Shadowlands’ Covenant factions, and the ability to fly all around the Shadowlands.

On the Planet of Warcraft Basic front, the leak claims that Blizzard will reveal the Burning Campaign enlargement. That usually means that players will, as soon as again, be able to demand by the Dim Portal into the Outlands. Gamers will also have the possibility to produce new Blood Elf or Draenei people, who weren’t introduced into WoW right up until Burning Campaign. If you’d fairly not advance your WoW Traditional journey, the leaked statements say that Blizzard will introduce new Traditional Era servers that do not progress to the game’s first expansion.

As for the relaxation of the facts about what’s coming to Entire world of Warcraft and Blizzard’s other titles, we’ll probably listen to extra when BlizzConline officially commences on Friday, Feb. 19.