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Beef on weck – where do we begin?

Let’s start with a quick refresher in case you don’t know – what is beef on weck? Basically, it’s the Buffalo version (yes kids, this is one of those Buffalo things like sponge candy and loganberry) of a roast beef sandwich, ideally hand carved and served rare with horseradish and au jus, pilled high between a kimmelweck roll topped with kosher salt and caraway seeds. That last part is what makes it a beef on weck.

Not only is it absolutely delicious and stunningly better (in our opinion) than the non-weck version, like wings it’s pretty easy to find a great version on almost any corner in WNY. Trust us when we say this guide won’t steer you wrong on your quest to find the best beef on weck in Buffalo and Western New York.

In order to pull this list together, we asked our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers where to find the best beef on weck in Buffalo and WNY. They answered with their top picks and we’ve included the full list of reader recommendations below. If it was mentioned, it’s listed below.

Because we received hundreds of comments resulting in close to 50 recommendations, there’s an option in almost every neighborhood and type of atmosphere on this list. From sit-down service to fast casual options and take out for instance, beef on weck is served in a variety of places, all worth recommending according to Western New Yorkers.

Best of the Best

While many recommendations were mentioned more than once, there were certain places mentioned over and over (and over) again. It’s safe to say these are our readers’ top picks for beef on weck in order:

  1. Bar Bill Tavern (East Aurora, Clarence)
  2. Charlie the Butcher (Williamsville, Elmwood; Express – Downtown Buffalo, East Aurora, Orchard Park, Williamsville)
  3. Schwabl’s (West Seneca)
  4. Glen Park Tavern (Williamsville)
  5. Kelly’s Korner (North Buffalo)
  6. Swiston’s Beef & Keg (Tonawanda)
  7. Mitchell’s Tavern (Tonawanda)
  8. Adrian’s Custard & Beef (Grand Island)
  9. Steve’s Pig & Ox Roast (Lackawanna)

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Check out the comments on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for menu item recommendations and specific info you can’t get anywhere else, out of the mouths of customers! Plus explore more guides with recommendations according to Western New Yorkers.

Guide to Best Beef on Weck in Buffalo & WNY According to Western New Yorkers

Explore more guides with recommendations according to Western New Yorkers. Shout out to Step Out Buffalo intern Alexis for helping put together this guide!