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If you’re planning to get some handmade cushions for your home, you’re in the right place. 

These cushions are as functional as they are decorative, and they can be an essential component of your interior seating or your bedroom arrangement. 

A couple of well-placed cushions can not only give your home the splash of color it needs but can also provide comfort to both the homeowners and the guests. Thus, it is just right that you make them part of your investment, as well.

The best part about this day and age is that businesses can now make their buyers part of the creative process. That said, you can have custom-made cushion covers made exactly as you like them, and have them delivered to your doorstep.

That said, let’s learn more about the process.

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Best Fabrics of Cushion Covers

Cushions complete the interior setting of any space, while essentially making it more beautiful and livable. However, what makes these pieces interesting is the number of potential lies therein. While the cushions are generally made with similar material, it’s the cushion covers that showcase creativity.

These covers can be made with a variety of fabrics – in blends or patchwork. Once handcrafted, the combinations could be endless. With that, let’s learn first about the different materials used to produce these handmade cushions.

What follows are the best fabrics used for cushion covers:

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Essentially, cotton is a gentle, soft, and hypoallergenic fabric with a solid cellular structure. Because of this, it is among the most versatile, durable, and wear-resistant clothes ever produced. 

What makes cotton an excellent material for handmade cushions is that it reacts efficiently to dye, is easy to cut and sew, and does not have static cling. 


This is another absorbent and breathable fabric we can use as covers for handmade cushions. Linen is anti-allergic, non-clinging, and resistant to abrasion, so it translates as a relatively durable fabric.

The best thing about linen is its capacity for thermoregulation and comfort. While it can absorb so much moisture, it doesn’t allow heat to accumulate. It also dries easily, and stains are virtually easy to remove.


Wool is an excellent choice of fabric, whether it’s pure or blended if you prefer something warm and natural. This type efficiently adheres to dye and colorants, making them a great candidate for handmade cushions. 

A terrific variant would be Chenille because of its beautiful semi-iridescent drape and durability.

While it is thick, wool is surprisingly breathable and resistant to odors. However, stains can be a struggle to remove, especially when it has lasted on the texture.


Luxurious, shiny, and light-reflective, this drapey cloth is incredibly comforting to the touch. Its overall smooth texture is used not only for clothing but also as blankets, drapes, and covers for handmade cushions. 

Velvet is generally an expensive fabric to use on its own, but it can be viable for day-to-day use once blended with other materials like polyester, linen, etc. While some types of velvet are waterproof, different types are repellant to stains.

Fur or Faux Fur

Whether it’s the real thing or the synthetic imitation, fur fabrics stand out as a cushion cover material. Generally, it is used as covers for accent cushion pieces and not as a set, which is also the case for Velvet fabrics.

Not only does fur have character, but it is also comfortable to the touch. These can also be quite costly, especially when the polymeric fibers are tough yet soft. 

However, faux fur seems to be the more popular choice compared to real fur. The synthetic counterpart allows us to experience the fabric guilt-free, and it is also more sustainable.

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You can purchase all of these fabrics and more textiles at the Yorkshire Fabric Shop, or you can contact our crafts to create a custom design to your liking.

In conclusion, handcrafted items bring so much more soul into space or a home. With that, more and more people are getting drawn to having handmade cushions made with patterns and patchwork that are nostalgic and personalized. 

We hope that this article expands your options and gives you more cushion ideas. Have fun!