Congratulations! You just have added another new love to your life – your baby.

I’m sure you must have done all your home work and prepared everything you can possibly think of, such as baby announcements, baby hampers, baby leash, baby names book, baby photos, baby presents, baby shower favors, baby shower invitation wording, baby shower thank you cards… etc

But wait a minute… what about baby room decoration?

You are a strong believer in the power of feng shui because you’ve heard a lot of good things about it. Even Donald Trumps employs feng shui experts as his consultant, why not make sure the baby room is well decorated with the best feng shui setup as a kind of welcome present to the wonderful newborn?

When it comes to decorating the baby room with appropriate feng shui setup, the first thing that needs to be done right is to put the baby bed in the right position. Since your baby will be sleeping most of the time – at least for now, the bed should be located in front of a solid background such as a wall, rather than being put in the middle of the room with no wall on either side as support. The bed being right next to some kind of support will ensure that the baby will be resting soundly and peacefully – you know how babies are – their energetic pattern is still very dynamic and thus very vulnerable to any influences from the environment.

Any sharp objects are to be as far away from the baby’s room as possible. In I-ching philosophy, sharp objects are of the ‘fire’ element, which also denotes the characteristic of dynamic changes. When sharp objects such as plants with needle-like leaves are placed in the room, the already dynamic-by-nature baby will be even more dynamic; therefore, the parents or babysitters will find it very hard to calm the baby down. Many more techniques to pacify the baby will need to be called upon.

The lighting of the baby room needs to be blended well together – not too dark, nor too light either. Too dark will be too much with the ‘yin’ energy whereas too light will be with the ‘yang’ energy. It’s not a good idea to be over one way or the other. As baby perceives the outside world via the light pathway a lot, blending the lighting well will ensure much harmonious energy in the room for the newborn, which is of the utmost importance.

Make sure also to neutralize any unusual odors in the baby room, as bad or undesirable odors are of the ‘earth’ element which when ignited will create unsettled feelings within the baby’s digestive system. Many a case of stomach discomfort that leads to extensive crying or even more serious conditions are due to the fact that the digestive system of the baby is under negative influences, be they from the physical or non-physical origins.

In a nutshell, besides decorating the baby room with all the fancy stuffs, make sure to equip the room with good feng shui – your baby will thank you for it! You will function better as a parent too.

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