Since always, people needed to see better. They found different ways to magnify the objects in their video circle in order to navigate more clearly in space. One way is to use reading stones, made of quartz or glass, well processed with a greasy exterior that could see the letters more clearly.

The first invention

It is believed that the ancient Greeks and Romans were the first to find ways to improve vision. The first evidence that optical lenses were used to improve vision is considered to be the period around 1200 to 1300, when in Northern Italy, more precisely in Pisa, made the first glasses to improve the eyesight and reading the small letters.

There is evidence that although the glasses were originally made to improve vision and magnify objects, especially letters, in the same period eye protection goggles were made, which did not have the function of magnifying objects. This shows that the possibility of eye protection with glasses has been known for a long time.

They are thought to have been first created by Giordano de Pisa, but his colleague Friar Alessandro della Spina of Pisa was the one who happily shared them with all those who complained that they did not have good visibility due to old age or illness. Learn more about Spina on this link.

Chinese might have invented them long before

Although many sources state that the Chinese were the first inventors of glasses, there is still not enough data to confirm the truth of that view. Therefore, throughout history, there is a theory that the first glasses were made in Italy, and in the same place today, some of the most beautiful glasses are made.

Between the 18th and 19th centuries, there was a period of intensive study and discovery in the world of diopters. In that period, the possibilities for clearer viewing of near and far objects began to appear, but they also became widely available to all people who needed them.

It was not until the 19th century that they began to be used as fashion accessories, which usually had glass, and then many fashion designers gave a new look due to the different shapes and colours of the frames.

Modern times

Today, most glasses are sold again in a European country, for example, in Switzerland. The second country in terms of the number of glasses sold is the United States, Per Capita, most spectacles are worn by residents of Belgium and Macedonia, and the largest manufacturer is Luxottica Group worldwide.

Over the years, the eyewear business has grown – and designers believe they are writing a new history of fashion accessories for every occasion and every pocket. Famous brands, like Hugo Boss glasses, Versace, and the rest develop new models every season.


The history of mankind is amazing and the invention of eyeglasses is just a part of this amazing journey. This is without a doubt one of the greatest inventions of all time. It helped us get where we are today. As humanity, we owe so much to those who found the benefits of optics and glasses that distort light.