Social media is an important tool for personal branding and marketing. Among all the available social media platforms, Facebook has the largest audience and is still the most used platform. Growing on Facebook and having a strong digital presence will help your brand increase its reputation in the industry and customers would be more likely to connect with you. You could grow on Facebook by using the organic growth methods, but it takes time, consistency, and effort. In case you are short on time and don’t mind spending some money, you could enlist the help of third-party services or social media management companies. It saves you time and effort when you buy Facebook likes and gain the boost your account needs to fuel its digital presence without the heavy lifting.

Gaining attention on Facebook, with the algorithm valuing engagement, makes it a bit difficult for newcomers or even for brands that have been around for a while but don’t have the most communicative audience. This is when these third party services and social media marketing companies come in. You could opt to connect with a social media management company to look over your social media accounts. In case you do not have the budget to do so, you could buy Facebook followers or likes from third-party services. Who can I trust to purchase from? We knew you would ask that! Hence, we have compiled a list of the best sites to buy Facebook likes from. This list contains a full review of the best sites to buy Facebook followers, to help save your time. So, without much delay, let us get started!

Best Sites to Buy Facebook Likes & Followers


Viralyft employs a number of social media experts who consistently work on developing strategies to take your social media account to the place it deserves. The digital team is available on chat and via email 24/7. The best part about Viralyft is that you can create custom packages for yourself. You just need to enter your profile, post URL or username and you are all set to buy their services. The site does not require you to provide any password, making it a secure website to help you with your social media requirements. They provide social media services from platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud. 

Pricing: For Facebook, Viralyft offers packages for Page likes, Post likes, Followers, and Page Views. In the case of Facebook likes, the lowest package is for 500 likes at $18 and for followers at $6.99 for 250 followers.

The second site on our list is GetViral and it has every reason to be there. Why? Well, GetViral is one of the best sites that you will come across on the web, to buy Facebook likes from. Actually, GetViral offers services catering to nearly all the existing social media platforms. Whatever platform you need to grow on, GetViral will have a list of packages ready for you, all within your budget! The site is absolutely credible and has been servicing clients for the past 7 years.

According to their official website, 85% of their clients come back to avail their services again. GetViral also provides 24/7 customer support to keep providing their clients with relentless service. Thus, with GetViral customer satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Pricing: For Facebook likes, packages start from $17 for 500 likes and for Facebook followers, the starting package is priced at $18.99 for 500 followers.


You could treat ViewsExpert as a social media management company because they use expert marketing skills to help boost your account statistics. Irrespective of the social media platform you need help for, ViewsExpert will always have something for you.

With timely delivery and secure services, ViewsExpert has claimed a position of being one of the best sites to buy Facebook likes and followers. The site provides you likes and followers from real accounts, ensuring that you are never put at a risk.

Pricing: The lowest package is $13 for 500 likes and ranges upto $97 for 5000 likes.

Another premium site to help you with your social media needs is The site focuses on providing its customers with risk-free services and delivering all services within the promised time. They provide their services without asking you for your password or any other sensitive data.

The best part of availing SocialPackages is that in case any of the followers or likes they provide get removed within a month, they will refill it at zero extra cost. From Facebook to YouTube to Spotify, SocialPackages has a wide range of packages to fulfil your social media needs and satisfy your budget.

Pricing: The lowest priced package is at $10 for 250 Facebook page likes and $9.99 for 250 Facebook followers.

The site originally focuses on providing marketing services for Instagram and uses only real Instagram followers to offer safe and secure services to their clients. However, Fastlikes also provides services for other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud. The site is SSL encoded and has a payment gateway to provide their clients with a smooth and seamless experience. The site is different from other sites as it provides an option for Instagram Autolikes.

Hence, Fastlikes is a premium website for all your social media services irrespective of the platform. The site has an extensive privacy and refund policy to help its clients get an accurate idea about how they provide their services. 

Pricing: For Facebook page likes, the packages start from $17 for 500 likes. For Facebook followers, the packages start from $18.99 for 500 followers.


Famups is a site which is different from all the sites that we have discussed above. They focus on helping you grow your account by using the organic growth method. The site delivers various marketing strategies to help their clients grow and take complete responsibility for their safety and safeguarding of privacy. To deliver on their promise, Famups has a dedicated 24/7 customer support team.

Pricing: For buying Facebook likes from users in the US, Famups has curated packages starting at just $20 for 100 Facebook likes. In case you want Facebook likes from users worldwide, Famups has packages starting at $18 for 500 Facebook Page likes. The packages to buy Facebook followers start from $12 for 200 Facebook followers.


Social-Viral is another site that originally focuses on providing services for Instagram growth. However, the site provides exceptional services for nearly all social media platforms, including Facebook.

Customer service is their foremost priority and they develop marketing strategies that do not use bots or spam accounts, to keep their clients’ accounts safe.

Pricing: The packages for Facebook post likes and Facebook page likes start at $3.99 and $1.99 for 50 likes, respectively. In the case of packages to buy Facebook followers, the starting package is priced at $4.99 for 100 followers.


Famoid is a professional website that provides social media services for all platforms. With secure payment methods and measures for instant delivery, Famoid has secured a position in the list of the best sites to buy Facebook followers and likes. The site pays attention and focuses on the betterment of customer experience.

To fulfil this, Famoid has a dedicated support team that is active 24/7. The best part of using Famoid is that it promises a full refund in case any disturbance or interruption in their delivery of the services. 

Pricing: The packages to buy Facebook likes start at $28.95 for 250 Facebook page likes and for Facebook post likes, packages start at $12.95 for 100 post likes.


With more than 1200 satisfied clients, GetRealBoost is one of the best sites to buy Facebook followers and likes. The site even curates special packages for fulfilling your requirements and based on your budget. They have a team of leading marketing experts that focus on designing packages to help you grow on social media.

Pricing: For Facebook likes (worldwide) and for US-based likes, the starter packages are priced at $11 for 200 likes and $38 for 500 likes, respectively. For Facebook post/photo likes, the starter package is priced at $5 for 200 likes. The packages for Facebook followers start at $9 for 200 followers.


FollowerPackages focus on providing services for Instagram and have curated premium packages to help you with your social media needs. Irrespective of the reason you want to grow your social media accounts, FollowerPackages will always have a package for your needs. Don’t find one? Well, FollowerPackages will design a package for your needs and within your budget. 

Pricing: The packages for Facebook Page likes and Post likes start at $25 for 500 likes and $10 for 100 likes respectively.


FBSkip is a site that focuses on Facebook and services for its growth. With more than 1000 happy and regular customers, and services that take care that your account stays safe, FBSkip is undeniably one of the best sites whose services you can avail. You can choose the location of the users from whom you want the likes and follows. 

Pricing: With packages within a budget, FBSkip is one of the best sites whose services you could avail. The photo likes start from as low as $4for 25 photo likes. The Facebook follower packages start from as low as $5.


Venium is a site that offers its clients services and tools to help get your social media content viral and take it to the international platform. They offer services for nearly all social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. The site offers social media promotion services and promotes you on their partner’s platforms, i.e. their websites and apps.

Venium partners with top companies to give your content the platform it needs.With more than 10 years of experience and 24/7 customer support, Venium is one of the best sites that you can come across.

Pricing: The Fan Page Likes are priced at $23.99 per 1000 likes and for the Photo/Post likes it is priced at $0.99 per 100 likes. However, there is a limit on the minimum and maximum number of likes you could avail. So, have a look at the details before you proceed to purchase.

Social King

Social King is a solution to all your social media needs. From providing paid consulting services for social media to working on your site’s SEO to providing you with tips to increase your website traffic and your social media profiles, Social King always has a solution. You could buy their promotion services on any social media platform to help grow your social media credibility. 

Pricing: For Page likes, Social King provides options for likes from worldwide, Indian, US and UK-based audiences at packages starting from $8.99 for 500, $10.99 for 500, and $39.99 for 500, and $29.99 for 250 respectively. In the case of packages for Facebook page followers they provide the same options at $9.99 for 250 (worldwide), $11.99 for 250 (Indian), and $11.99 for 250 (US-based).

Buy More Fans

Buy More Fans is a site which works on providing you with solutions to help your business grow on Social Media by getting more likes and followers at a nominal rate, attracting more customers, and therefore generating revenue. With more than 10,000 satisfied customers, Buy More Fans has become one of the best sites to buy Facebook followers and likes.

Pricing: The packages for Facebook likes start at $20 for 500 likes which is way under budget and affordable. 


Boostlikes is one of the premium sites you could ever come across on the web as the site focuses on building social media campaigns catered towards your brand and its needs. They use real accounts for the likes and follows making them really qualitative. They also make sure to deliver the service over some time so as to not raise suspicion and avoid your account from getting banned by the algorithm. 

Pricing: You can choose the number of likes and follows you want and the site displays a price for it. The higher the amount ordered, the greater the discount on the total cost.

Insta Followers

Insta Followers is a site dedicated towards providing Instagram services revolving around likes, followers, comments, reel views and others. However, Insta Followers provides extensive services for all other social media platforms too. They have two categories for Facebook likes and followers – Regular and Real. In the Regular packages they provide services from accounts that could also be bots or spam accounts. However, for the packages about Real accounts they use genuine accounts.

Pricing: The Regular Facebook likes packages start at $1.89 for 100 likes and the Real Facebook likes packages start at $2.07 for 100 likes. For Regular Facebook follower packages start at $3.51 for 100 followers and the Real package starts at $4.41 for 100 followers.


AudienceGain is a site that provides services to monetize your social media accounts. For Facebook, they will check and provide you tips to get your page/profile verified so that you can get your account monetized and generate revenue. They deliver the services until you get the results your social media account needs. AudienceGain does not require any password, which makes it secure for their clients.

Pricing: They provide packages for Facebook followers and likes starting at $50 for 1000 Page Followers and Likes on Facebook.


SocioBlend provides social media services and search engine optimization, website design and development, and content writing. Think of a social media platform, irrespective of the name that pops up in your mind, SocioBlend has packages catering to all of them. SocioBlend is the right choice for anyone needing services for their social media accounts.

I Buy Fans

I Buy Fans is a site which provides services all within a budget and are developed keeping the algorithm in mind. The site works towards helping businesses with a small reach help them get a worldwide audience and boost their reach to help them gain a competitive edge in their industry.

Pricing: The Worldwide Facebook likes start at €3.35 for 100 and for the USA to start at €6.69 for 100. For the Facebook followers, the packages start at €4.19 for 100 followers.

Build My Plays

Build My Plays is a site which has high credibility and exposure to build your social media presence and get your brand the presence it needs. The site guarantees that the followers or likes they provide, will be retained and will not go away irrespective of the time. With 24/7 customer support, Build My Plays ensures that you are always their top-most priority.

Pricing: Build My Plays has packages to boost your Facebook page’s reach. The packages start at $36 for 500 likes. There are 5 different packages to help you buy Facebook likes that you can choose among. Go through the details of each of these packages before you avail their services.

Social Boss

Social Boss is a site that acts as a marketplace for all social media services. The site offers detailed packages for the promotion of your social media accounts on any platform. Social Boss values your privacy above all else and makes sure that its clients get a smooth experience by providing 24/7 customer support. With the order process being a cakewalk, Social Boss makes true on its promise to provide its customers with a seamless experience.

Pricing: The Facebook post likes start at $3.99 for 50 and the starting package for the Facebook page likes is valued at $9.99 for 50. Social Boss charges $10.75 for 50 Facebook followers/fans, which is actually the lowest package. You could check out all the packages they have to offer on their website and decide the best option for you.


Woorke is a company that works mainly on providing SEO services and Social Media Management services. With more than 15,000 successful deliveries, Woorke has built a reputation of being one of the top sites to buy Facebook followers and likes. You could also avail development services from Woorke. Thus, Woorke is suited for all your social media needs and is a complete solution.

Pricing: You could get 50 Facebook followers from Woorke at a cost as low as $4.99 and the same goes for their service to provide Facebook likes.


Soclikes is a website that provides compact services for all social media platforms. Don’t want to buy Facebook likes and followers once at a time? Soclikes has a package for getting both together. Want only one of the two? Soclikes has stand-alone packages too. Thus, Soclikes provides you with unique solutions irrespective of your needs.

Pricing: The Weekly Compact package for Facebook starts at $40.00 and includes 100 page likes, 500 post likes, and 50 comments. You could get 50 Facebook likes at $0.99 and 100 Facebook followers at $3.99 from Soclikes.


Soctarget focuses on getting your brand to the position it deserves by utilizing Facebook Ads. The followers or likes you get are completely real. Soctarget sends out Facebook Ads for your brand to communities that are popular within your target audience. Thus, all the audience you gain from Soctarget is real and are from people that are genuinely interested in your company. 

Pricing: You could get Facebook page likes from Soctarget at $1.98 per 100 likes and followers at $1.49 per 100.


Why avail third-party services to buy Facebook followers or likes?

When starting out, not every company has a sufficient budget to spare for its social media development. However, every brand knows that growing on social media is important to build a reputation, reach an audience, and generate revenue. Thus, every brand has a social media account but some cannot focus on it as it demands time. In these cases, there are two options available – hire a digital marketing company to focus on your social media and growth, or buy services from third-party companies such as likes, follows, comments, or views.

In case you have a budget to spare and want to be on the safe side, it would be better to create a social media marketing team of your own (which turns out to be a bit expensive) or hire a digital marketing company that would dedicate their time and skills to growing your brand. If you want to get it done at a lower cost, the best option for you would be to buy Facebook likes or followers. However, there is one thing you should always keep in mind before you avail these services.

Most of these sites use bot accounts or spams which are against the algorithm and your account faces a risk of being flagged or shadow-banned or even deleted. Thus, always check the details of these services before you avail these services to stay on the safe side.

How can I get unlimited likes on Facebook?

Like any other brand, you would obviously like your brand to go viral and gain a worldwide audience. Facebook likes play an important role here and you need to work towards your content and social media to achieve this. However, there is no such feature or trick that you could do to gain unlimited likes, except availing packages from these third-party services.

Want the easiest way to get unlimited likes on Facebook? Buy Facebook likes from the sites mentioned above, and sit back and relax while your brand gets the increase in engagement and reach it needs. Some of these sites also provide auto likers at a very reasonable price.

How do auto likers work? Well, when you register your account onto here, they add your Facebook account onto their database which has a list of thousands of other Facebook accounts that availed these services and whenever you post something, likes from all these accounts are sent to your account and the vice-versa happens for them. These auto likers do not put your account at a risk as they use real accounts and not bots or spam accounts. Thus, you could actually get unlimited likes on Facebook without fretting much and would help your brand.

How do I get my Facebook page verified?

Every social media platform has a unique way of verifying accounts and the blue tick is Facebook’s version of it. The blue tick is visible to other Facebook users and represents that the account belongs to a celebrity, person of public interest, or global brand. It is a useful feature and helps you gain authenticity and reputation with your audience.

Thus, getting your Facebook page verified would be in your best interest. To get verified, you need to apply for it on Facebook. According to Facebook’s official page, the platform has a set of criterias based on which they evaluate your profile and decide whether it is of public interest and genuine. The platform has released some additional criterion that your account should fulfil, in order to get verified. Let us see what these criterias are:-

  • Your account must be original, i.e. it must belong to a real person, a registered business, or company.
  • Account must be unique, i.e. the person, company, or business the profile represents, must have only a single account.
  • Should have all the necessary details, i.e. a profile picture, bio, contact information, and a post.
  • Must represent a well-known person, company, or brand. Facebook reviews a number of news headlines and does not consider paid promotions for review.

To verify the authenticity of your account, Facebook takes some measures. If the account represents a person, Facebook demands you to provide them with a copy of any government issued photo identification. For brands or companies, a phone or utility bill, certificate of formation, articles of organization (legal documents to establish the company), or a tax exemption document works. After you make a request, Facebook checks your account and gets back to you.

In case your request is denied, you can re-submit a verification request 30 days after it. In the case of law enforcement agencies, politicians, or elected officials, Facebook needs you to provide additional documents. Facebook does not sell a verified badge and bans accounts that engage in buying a verified badge from third-party services.

Now, we know that you cannot buy a Facebook verified badge from the platform itself or other third-party apps, so what do we do? Well, as discussed before, Facebook values engagement from your audience and this engagement helps you gain authenticity. Thus, the best option is to focus on growing your Facebook account and community. To increase your engagement, you could avail the best sites to buy Facebook followers and likes, or you could focus on growing all by yourself with the help of organic growth methods and marketing tools.

How many followers do you need to get verified on Facebook?

Facebook does not list any minimum number of followers needed in order to get verified. However, a lot of social media experts say that having a minimum of 500 followers and 1000 likes would be better, as it would help showcase your authenticity and verify you as a public figure or brand. As is widely known, gaining followers and likes on Facebook is a difficult feat. Thus, you need to hustle and wait before you can actually apply for verification.

Or is there an easier way? Absolutely, there is! The above list of the best sites to buy Facebook likes and followers was curated to help you in these exact situations! So, stop worrying and avail these services to provide your brand with the extra feature it needs, to successfully attract an audience, convert them into customers, and generate revenue.

How to Choose The Best Site to Buy Facebook Followers and Likes from?

The web has a multitude of sites that provide these services by utilizing a number of strategies and some of them are even fraudulent. Without the research, information, and right selection, you could end up getting scammed. Hence, we have created the above list to help you save time and avoid wasting your money on scams. However, you might still be confused in determining the best site for your needs. We have some tips that could be useful to you. Let us have a look at these tips that we have just for you!

  • Check out Reviews and Research Well

    Who is the better person to ask questions than the previous clients of the site? Research well about any site you want to avail the services of, and read the customer reviews and experiences to gain insights on the service and working of the company.

  • Check out All the Available Packages

    After you have chosen a site whose customers are satisfied with their experiences, check out all the packages they provide to ensure that you get the best deal that fulfils your needs and is within your budget.

    Read the specifics of the package to know the details of what you are signing up for.

  • Do Not Divulge Sensitive Personal Information

    Choose a site which does not require your password or any other sensitive information when you are signing up for their services. The only information the site should demand would be your profile or the specific post’s URL. 

Providing sensitive information is risky as it could lead to your account getting hacked or being used for the wrong purposes. Moreover, providing the site with your password would be risky as they could store that information and it could be used for identification purposes.

  • Opt for A Site With 24/7 Customer Support

    Buying the suitable package is not the end. You might end up facing problems with delivery or other issues might creep up, in which case you would need to take the help of the site’s customer support. Without 24/7 Customer Support, you would have to wait for your issue to be resolved and it might take time.

    With social media, time is crucial and this delay could affect your social media profile. Assume the worst and take into consideration that you might face some unavoidable and unforeseeable problems. Hence, look for and avail the services of a site providing 24/7 customer support throughout the year.

Thus, we have had a look at all the necessary details you should look out for and check before proceeding to buy the services. It might seem obsessive or time-taking, but it is better to spend some time to ensure high quality service than being cheated and wasting money on fake sites and applications. Hence, perform all the necessary background checks and follow the tips above to ensure that you don’t end up making a bad investment. After all, you deserve the best service out of your investment!


As discussed, we know that social media is necessary to help increase a brand’s reach and works wonders for the brand. To ensure that you grow on social media smoothly, without much struggle and expenditure, there are a number of social media marketing companies available (in case you have the budget available) and third-party services.

This article contains the list of the best sites to buy Facebook likes that are available. A number of sites on the web use fake accounts or bots, and put their clients’ accounts in harm’s way. Hence, this list would be useful to you as we have created this list taking these factors into consideration. We hope you benefit from the above article and successfully provide your account with the growth it needs.