14 best Mother’s Day gifts for new and expecting moms in 2021

Moms of all walks of life have been through it this past year and deserve to be commemorated this Mother’s Day. From single and working moms to moms of toddlers and high schoolers, each woman who has endured the Covid-19 pandemic as a parent has faced her own unique set of challenges. And for women who started their motherhood journey during this last year, it’s been a trying introduction to parenthood.

“They’ve been totally cooped up without the support of a village and while every mom needs a village, first-time moms are new moms who need it more than ever,” said Sue Groner, parenting expert and author of “Parenting with Sanity and Joy: 101 Simple Strategies.” “They’ve never done this before and have no idea what they are doing so the anxiety is so much worse.”

It’s true that moms deserve to be thanked and cherished every single day of every single year, but for the moms-to-be and first-time moms celebrating Mother’s Day in 2021, it’s especially important to show some support. “As a mother of two young kids who had some struggles during pregnancy, I understand the challenges that new and moms-to-be are facing — especially during this unpredictable time, when most people are still in isolation,” said Juanita Dharmazi, founder of KADOO, a curated gift box company dedicated to thoughtful gift-giving.

Free time is the thing that many new moms want most, but it’s even harder to give these days as self-care continues to look a bit different. The ways we can celebrate first-time moms may have changed, but the importance in doing something special for them hasn’t. “These women are superheroes and this one day of the year is the day we make sure they feel that they are truly and deeply loved,” Giselle May, a toddler mom and parenting writer, said.

Best Mother’s Day gift ideas for first-time moms

According to Groner, it’s easy to get the wrong thing because “retailers are sending the messages out to partners and kids.” “No one ever asks mom what she wants,” she said. We compiled a list based on guidance from moms and experts to help surprise the pregnant and first-time moms in your life who deserve to be pampered this Mother’s Day.

The thing about motherhood that moms quickly learn is the days are long but the years are short, which means it’s easy to forget priceless moments. This Q&A journal helps moms preserve these priceless snippets in time with daily prompted questions over the course of five years. It only takes a few minutes while unwinding at night to respond to each of the thought-provoking prompts, which quickly turn into a collection of moments that captures what life as a new mom was really like.

If pizza is her love language and it doesn’t look like a trip to Italy is in her near feature, then you can surprise her with the next best thing: a Mother’s Day-themed artisanal pizza set. This eight-pizza pack comes with four heart-shaped margherita pizzas and four tartufina pizzas that she can reheat whenever she’s craving something cheesy or isn’t in the mood to cook. With Neapolitan tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, these pizzas are handmade in Naples, Italy, and are shipped with dry ice, managing to still deliver a crispy yet chewy crust.

Changes in hormones combined with warmer summer weather can make for a nightmare in the bedroom for new moms. Whether she’s always been a hot sleeper or is dealing with pregnancy or postpartum night sweats, she will likely appreciate any gift that helps improve the little sleep she gets. Casper’s newly launched Cooling Collection includes Hyperlite Sheets that are all about keeping sleepers comfortable all night. This breathable 100 percent Tencel Lyocell is made with a grid weave to promote airflow while sleeping and is wrinkle-resistant for low maintenance yet luxe-feeling bedding.

Instead of presenting the beloved mama in your life with a bouquet of blooms, consider channeling her love of flowers into a relaxing experience. With Poppy, you can pick from 12 lush floral collections for Mother’s Day that are both vibrant and fragrant. The kit comes delivered to her door with design instructions and access to a Poppy video tutorial with arranging tips. From there, you can decide if this is a bonding experience to do together or a chance for her to enjoy some alone time.

This witty gift set has the potential to make her both laugh and cry with five encouraging cards for new mamas, a set of Mommying Ain’t Easy pencils and a Heart of Gold enamel pin. Whether you want to remind her that she’s enough exactly how she is or about the joys of breastfeeding and poop, you can fill each of the cards out now for an instant boost of inspiration and save some to continue surprising her throughout the coming weeks or months.

Whether her feet are always cold or happen to be swollen these days, these slippers-meet-sandals might make her feel more comfortable. From the memory foam and molded footbed to the luxe faux fur (that comes in a range of colors), her feet will melt in this supportive footwear. Plus, with a durable sole and thick tread, busy moms starting to chase little ones can rock these sandals both indoors and out.

Since this smart watch makes hands-free communication easier with the ability to call and text without needing to grab your phone, this is a thoughtful gift for someone who is about to have (or already has!) their hands full. Plus, as Apple’s newest watch, it boasts innovative (and timely) tools, including the ability to measure blood oxygen levels and an improved feature for measuring sleep. It even has a countdown timer for hand-washing to encourage loved ones to stay germ-free.

She may have earned many titles over the years, but her newest is likely the one she’s most proud of: mom. So honor her new role as a mother with a chic necklace that says it all. Although delicate, this polished 14-karat gold charm necklace makes a simple yet powerful statement with spaced “MAMA” letters Plus, none of the charms are too dangly so she doesn’t have to worry about little hands grabbing and breaking it.

Made of 95 percent viscose from bamboo, these pajamas are a comfortable gift option for new moms. Not only does the cooling material regulate body temperature, but it’s also hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Plus, it comes in a range of styles with matching options for newborns and babies.

Treat mom to the gift of alone time by going all out on a relaxing bath setup. This bathtub caddy holds everything she might need, from a book and phone to flowers and candles, so she can soak away any stress and aches. This adjustable and slip-resistant tray also comes in seven colors and is waterproof so she doesn’t have to worry about accidental splashes.

A good option for the woman who is pumped to be a mom but just isn’t thrilled about the idea of looking like one, this backpack is fashionable and functional. A chic upgrade to the traditional diaper bag, the Boxy Backpack has five interior pockets as well as two exterior spots for bottles. The modern design also includes a discrete built-in changing station as well as a magnetic closure for added convenience. It comes in a range of color and print options.

Instead of a card, consider this collection of hearts that declares reasons why you (or the little love in her life) are so lucky to have her. For the handmade set of twelve wooden pieces, you can choose from 50 different messages. You can also add handwritten additions to the back or turn this into a yearly tradition that highlights memories from the last twelve months.

Although she may not be drinking this Mother’s Day, it’s always a good time for chocolate. And whether she’s craving something sweet or a glass of champagne, this adorable chocolate truffle set will help with both. Packaged in an adorable wine bottle-shaped box, this 12-piece collection comes with an assortment of handmade truffles that include flavors like Rum, Irish Crème,Black Raspberry and Caramel Coffee.

Whether she needs to drink more fluids while breastfeeding or is simply trying to stay hydrated while running around, this insulated stainless steel 40-ounce water bottle can help with her water goals. Available in vibrant gradient and solid colors, this reusable bottle is BPA-free, sweat-proof and will keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to eight hours. Not only is it leak-proof, but it also has a straw cap that keeps germy hands off of where you’re sipping.

Mother’s Day Gifts For New and Expecting Moms in 2021

To help get the ideas flowing, May suggested considering a gift from one of the following categories:

  1. Personalized jewelry. Give moms something to treasure (for real!). “Personalized jewelry, whether these are engraved bracelets or pendants with their initials or their kid’s, are gifts that are sure to warm up all moms,” she said.
  2. Something that gives them comfort. Some gifts that can ensure moms feel and stay comfortable are luxurious bathrobes, house slippers and bed linens.
  3. Something that feeds her passion. Whether the mom in your life is into gardening, crocheting or baking, you usually can’t go wrong with something that sparks joy.
  4. Something that makes her feel even more beautiful. “Our moms are already the most beautiful women in our eyes, but make sure they feel that,” May added. “Some of the best gifts you can give in line with this are a pair of dainty shoes, a dress she can wear on special occasions or a luxurious skin care package.”

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